List of
Birding Places
in Utah

This is an index of popular birding sites in the state of Utah.  Most of the information concerns directions on how to get to these sites--we need more information about how to bird these places and what kinds of birds you might find.  If you have other sites to add or additional information, corrections or suggestions to make on places on this list, please fill out the "Birding Site Form" or e-mail:   

Thanks for your help.

   Cutler Marsh   by Mike Fish   İMike Fish

20-20 Ponds (Cache Co.)
Abajo Mountain  (San Juan Co.)
Albion Basin (Salt Lake Co.)
Alton Ponds (Kane Co.) weather
Allred's Pond (Utah Co.)
Alpine Loop (Utah Co.)
Amalga Barrens (Cache Co.)
Amalga-Benson Loop (Cache Co.)
American Fork Canyon (Utah Co.)
American Fork Marina (Utah Co.)
Anderson Cove Campground (Weber Co.)
Anderson Park, Pleasant Grove (Utah Co.)
Antelope Island Causeway (Davis Co.)
Antelope Island State Park (Davis Co.)
Arches National Park  (Grand Co.)
Ashley Creek in Vernal (Uintah Co.)
Aspen Nature Trail (Daggett Co.)

Bald Mountain (Summit Co.)
Ballard Springs (Cache Co.)
Battle Creek Canyon  (Utah Co.)
Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge (Rich Co.)
Bear River Meadows (Rich Co.)
Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (Box Elder Co.)
Bear River Oxbow (Cache Co.)
Bear River Wetlands (Rich Co.)
Beaver Creek Trail (Summit Co.)
Beaver Dam Wash (Washington Co.)
Beaver Dam Slope (Washington Co.)
Bennie Creek (Utah Co.)
Benjamin Slough (Utah Co.)
Benson Bridge (Cache Co.)
Beus Canyon (Weber Co.)
Beus Park (Weber Co.)
Beus Pond (Weber Co.)
Bicentennial Park (Utah Co.)
Bicknell Bottoms (Wayne Co.)
Big Cottonwood Canyon (Salt Lake Co.)
Big Creek  (Rich Co.)
Big Spring Hollow (Utah Co.)
Birch Creek Reservoirs (Rich Co.)
Birdsong Trails (Weber Co.)
Blacks Fork (Summit Co.)
Blue Lake (Tooele Co.)
Bonneville Glen  (Salt Lake Co.)
BOR Mitigation Site, Jordanelle Wetlands (Wasatch Co.)
Botany Pond, BYU Campus (Utah Co.)
Bountiful Lake (Davis Co.)
Bountiful Landfill (Davis Co.)
Box Elder Campground  (Box Elder Co.)
Brian Head Peak (Iron Co.)
Bridal Veil Falls  (Utah Co.)
Brighton (Salt Lake Co.)
Broad Canyon (Utah Co.)
Brown's Park Wildlife Management Area (Daggett Co.)
Brown's Park Nat. Wildlife Ref. (Daggett Co. / Colorado)
Bryce Canyon National Park (Garfield Co.)
Buck Hollow (Wasatch Co.)
Buckhorn Wash (Emery Co.)
Buffalo Ranch (Davis Co.)
Bullion Canyon (Piute Co.)
Bunnel's Pond (Utah Co.)
Burraston Ponds (Juab Co.)
Butterfield Canyon (Salt Lake Co.)

Calf Creek Falls Trail (Garfield Co.)
Calf Creek Recreation Area
(Garfield Co.)
Camelot Woods (Utah Co.)
Canal trail along Canyon Road (Cache Co.)
Capitol Reef National Park (Wayne Co.)
Causey Reservoir  (Weber Co.)
CCC Campground (Juab Co.)
Cedar Breaks National Monument (Iron Co.)
Cedar Valley (Iron Co.)
Cedar Valley (Utah Co.)
Chalk Creek  (Millard Co.)
Chalk Creek  (Summit Co.)
Chester Ponds  (Sanpete Co.)
Chicken Creek Reservoir (Juab Co.)
Chimney Rock Road (Utah Co.)
China Meadows (Summit Co.)
City Cemetery, Salt Lake City (Salt Lake Co.)
City Creek Canyon (Salt Lake Co.)
Clear Creek (Box Elder Co.)
Clear Lake Wildlife Management Area (Millard Co.)
Clover Creek Road (Tooele Co.)
Clover Reservoir (Tooele Co.)
Clover Spring Campground  (Tooele Co.)
Coalpits Wash, Zion National Park (Washington Co.)
Colorado River Scenic Byway  (Grand Co.)
Comb Wash  (San Juan Co.)
Compton's Knoll [Salt Creek WMA] (Box Elder Co.)
Coon Canyon  (Salt Lake Co.)
Co-op Creek Trail (Wasatch Co.)
Coral Pink Sand Dunes  (Kane Co.)
Cottonwood Canyon  (Kane Co.)
Cottonwood Park, Jordan River Parkway (Salt Lake Co.)
Cougar Park (Salt Lake Co.)
Courthouse Wash (Grand Co.)
Cowley Walk-in Access (Cache Co.)
Crawford Mountain Road (Rich Co.)
Cutler Marsh (Cache Co.)
Cutler Reservoir (Cache Co.)

Dairy Ridge Road (Rich & Weber Co.)
Dahlgreen's Creek (Summit Co.)
Dale Young Nature Park (Box Elder Co.)
Dead Horse Point State Park (Grand Co.)
Decker Lake (Salt Lake Co.)
Deep Creek Mountains (Tooele Co.)
Deep Creek Trail, Wellsville Mountains (Cache Co.)
Deer Creek Dam Wetlands  (Wasatch Co.)
Deer Creek Reservoir  (Wasatch Co.)
Deer Valley Trails  (Wasatch Co.
Deseret Ranch (Rich Co.)
Desert Lake Waterfowl Management Area (Emery Co.)
Desolation Trail, Mill Creek Canyon (Salt Lake Co.)
Denzil Stewart Nature Park (Cache Co.)
Devil Canyon Campground  (San Juan Co.)
Devil's Playground (Box Elder Co.)
Diamond Fork Canyon (Utah Co.)  
Dimple Dell Regional Park  (Salt Lake Co.)
Dinosaur National Monument  (Uintah Co.)
Draper Wetland Park  (Salt Lake Co.)
Dry Creek Canyon (Utah Co.)
Dry Fork Trail (Uintah Co.)
Dry Lake (Cache Co.)
Duchesne Ridge (Wasatch Co.)
Duchesne Waste Treatment Plant (Duchesne Co.)
Duck Creek Reservoir (Kane Co.)

Eagle Park  (Utah Co.)
East Bay (Golf Course and Business Park)  (Utah Co.)
East Canyon Reservoir (Morgan Co.)
East Canyon Ranch Road (Summit Co.)
Eccles Wildlife Education Center (Davis Co.)
Echo (Summit Co.)
Echo Reservoir
(Summit Co.)
Eli Ridge Road (Rich Co.)
Elberta Slant Road  (Utah Co.)
Elk Ridge
(San Juan Co.)
Emerald Pools Trail, Zion National Park (Washington Co.)
Emigration Canyon (Salt Lake Co.)
Emma Park Road (Carbon Co.)
Enterprise Reservoirs (Washington Co.)
Escalante State Park (Garfield Co.)
Evergreen Cemetery (Utah Co.)

Fairview Canyon  (Sanpete Co.)
Farmington Bay Wildlife Management Area (Davis Co.)
Fayette River Bottoms  (Sanpete Co.)
Ferron Reservoir Road (Emery Co.)
Fielding Garr Ranch (Davis Co.)
Fifth West [5th West] (Utah Co.)
First Dam (Cache Co.)
Fish Creek (Carbon Co.)
Fish Creek Canyon  (San Juan Co.)
Fisher Mesa  (Grand Co.)
Fish Lake (Sevier Co.)
Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge (Juab Co.)
Flume Trail (Uintah Co.)
Fool Creek Reservoir (Millard Co.)
Forest Park (Washington Co.)
Forsyth Reservoir (Sevier Co.)
Fort Buenaventura (Weber Co.)
Four Thousand West in Lake Shore  (Utah Co.)
Franklin Basin Drive (Cache Co.)
Fruita (Wayne Co.)

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