Blacks Fork

East Blacks Fork    by Oliver Hansen    İOliver Hansen (2011)

NearbyChina Meadows,   State Line Reservoir,   Henry's Fork,   Dahlgreen's Creek

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Directions: Go south from Mountain View, Wyoming on WY-410 to Robertson (about 8 miles away) and continue west about 5 more miles to the Blacks Fork Road. Turn south on Blacks Fork Road and go 14 miles to Meeks Cabin Reservoir, then another 11 miles to East Blacks Fork campground and trailhead. (Four miles south of Meeks Cabin Reservoir,  FR-073 takes off east to China Meadows which is about 10 miles away) .

Description: This summer birding area is part of Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  The habitat varies from sagebrush in the lower elevations to spruce-fir up higher.  Birds are especially abundant in the aspen and riparian areas. (Restrooms and campgrounds are available).

Birding:  You can bird the whole road from the turnoff west of Robertson, Wyoming to the East Blacks Fork Trailhead.  You can also backpack from the East Blacks Fork Trailhead to the higher elevations.

Birds: Golden Eagle, American Three-toed Woodpecker, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Clark's Nutcracker, Gray Jay,  Hermit Thrush, Lincoln's Sparrow, Chipping Sparrow and Song Sparrow

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Sunrise at Blacks Fork    by Dave Hanscom    İDave Hanscom (2013)

From this trailhead (East Blacks Fork Trailhead) you can also access Bald Mountain, which is one of the few places in Utah where White-tailed Ptarmigan are regularly found. To get there, turn left off the Black's Fork trail soon after crossing the bridge. A trail marked "Bear River, Smith's Fork" goes north, parallel to the stream, for about a half mile before intersecting another trail marked "Red Castle" that switchbacks up the east side of the canyon. At the top, stay right on the trail marked "Bald Mountain". Total hike to the top from the trailhead is about 4.5 miles.

Bald Mountain    by Dave Hanscom    İDave Hanscom (2013)

Specialty Birds: (Possible in the higher elevations) Black Rosy-Finch and White-tailed Ptarmigan

Mother ptarmigan with the broken wing display to draw attention
from two tiny yellow chicks hiding in the grass

by Dave Hanscom    İDave Hanscom (2013)