Bulldog Road Pond

Bulldog Road Pond in Winter
by  Jim Bruce    ŠJim Bruce
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Suggested by Harvey Richards

Directions:  Take Coal Creek Road from Main Street and continue north after the overpass. Or take 2400 N west from the north Cedar City I-15 interchange.

Description: Pond on Bulldog Road, Cedar City. It's between 2300 N and 2400 N on Bulldog Road (west of I-15).  There is a road on the south and west side of the pond.

Birds: Canada Geese, Double-crested Cormorants, Mallard Ducks, Ravens. Later in the spring there might be Black-crowned Night Herons nesting there.

Rare Birds: Great Blue Heron, Pelican,

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Bulldog Road Pond in Spring
by  Jim Bruce    ŠJim Bruce

Bulldog Road Pond in the Fall
Google Earth photo sent in by  Jim Bruce