Coon Canyon

Coon Canyon in June    by Ann Neville    ©AnnNeville

 Directions: (This is restricted Kennecott Copper property, so you would have to make arrangements through Ann Neville KCC's naturalist). State Route 111 can be accessed from the south by taking the I-15, 7800 South exit and going west about 9 miles. From the north you can take the I-15, 2100 South exit and go about 11 miles to the north end of SR 111.

Description:  Coon Canyon and foothills all along the west side of SR 111 is all restricted Kennecott Copper property but can be scoped from various vantage points between SR 48 and SR 171. Typical foothill birds including Common Poorwill in the evening on a couple of the dirt roads that run west for 100-200 feet to gates. Coon Canyon, all the way up to the foothills below Farnsworth Peak where all the radio transmitting antennae are, has been  accessible for several field trips led by KCC naturalist Ann Neville in conjunction with several local organizations,.

Specialty Birds:  Similar birds to Butterfield Canyon, plus, higher up, Hermit Thrush, Yellow-rumped and Orange-crowned Warblers, Stellerís Jay.

Field Trip Reports:  | 9 Jul 2009 |