Bountiful Landfill

Bountiful Landfill    by Carol Gwynn    ©Carol Gwynn

Directions:  Go north on 1100 West from 500 South (there's an exit off I-15 at 500 South - 1100 West is west of the freeway) to the stop sign at 1600 North. Turn left on 1600 North and follow the road around to the landfill entrance. ~ Mark Stackhouse

Access:  The management of the Bountiful Landfill has agreed to allow birders to have access to the landfill under the following conditions:

     Rules for Access to the Bountiful Landfill:  ~ Negotiated by Glenn Barlow - January 2004

  1. We need to come within hours of operation and check in at the office at the entrance.
  2. Do NOT go up on top where they are using the heavy equipment and where we might interfere with their operation.
  3. Do NOT block any of the roads so that the heavy vehicles and equipment are impeded in their entering and leaving the landfill
  4. Follow any instructions that might be given (even if it means not seeing that rare gull).
  5. Stay on designated roads. But, when there is a thaw and the roads are muddy, stay out of areas where you can get stuck. If you get stuck it is up to you to get yourself out. They do NOT want to take time away from their working employees.
  6. We must leave the landfill by 4:00 p.m. (1600 hours for us military folks), so we won't be locked in. (This was especially one of
    the conditions emphasized!)

Specialties:  Winter gulls ("Probably the most consistently great winter-gull location in northern Utah, and perhaps in the entire state." ~ Mark Stackhouse)

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Bountiful Landfill Sign    by Carol Gwynn    ©Carol Gwynn