Birch Creek

Birch Creek, Lower Reservoir
by Mia McPherson   İMia MCPherson (Jul 2011)

 ~ submitted by  Kristin Purdy

Description: Birch Creek Reservoirs--an old one and a newer one--are surrounded by relatively steep and rocky canyon slopes. Only the tops of the slopes are wooded with small patches of aspen and fir; the remainder of the vegetation is sage and greasewood. Both the east and west ends of the old reservoir are choked with scrubby willow and hawthorne shrubs.

Directions: From Woodruff, proceed west 8-9 miles on UT 39. The unimproved road to Birch Creek Reservoir is a right (north) turn and located between mm 61 and 60. The road is marked by a low brown sign that indicates Public Camping, 1 mile. Drive the mile and park at the fenced area next to the old reservoir. The new reservoir is accessible by walking up the steep path on the left side of the dam.

Birds: Yellow Warbler, Violet-green Swallow, Golden Eagle, Yellow-breasted Chat, Fox Sparrow, Rock Wren, Green-tailed Towhee, Spotted Sandpiper.

Other: Scan the red rock and sage canyon slopes for Rock Wrens, Green-tailed Towhees, and Swallows. Investigate the inlet and outlet ends of the old reservoir for riparian-habitat birds that prefer thick scrub--Yellow Warblers, Yellow-breasted Chats, Fox Sparrows. Walk up the steep trail on the left side of the dam to reach the new reservoir. Walk along the south shoreline of the new reservoir and watch for Spotted Sandpipers along the shore, Double-crested Cormorants in the water, and Green-tailed Towhees on the slope above. The footing may be soft.

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Waterfall Coming from the Upper Reservoir
by Mia McPherson   İMia MCPherson (Jul 2011)