Alpine Loop

Alpine Loop    by Merrill Webb    ©Merrill Webb

If you go in the morning, it might be best to come from the Provo Canyon side so the sun will be mostly at your back and if you start in the afternoon, coming from American Fork Canyon would be better for the same reason.

Directions:  The Alpine Loop can be accessed from either Provo Canyon (taking the road to Sundance) or American Fork Canyon. 
     From Provo Canyon: About 6 miles from the mouth of Provo Canyon, take the Sundance turnoff to the left.  The road goes by Sundance Ski Resort, through Aspen Grove, over the summit (where a road to Cascade Springs takes off to the east), then continues through American Fork Canyon to its mouth near the city of Highland. 
     From American Fork Canyon:  Of course you go the opposite way as in the instruction above, but make sure to bear right about 6 miles up the canyon where the road to Tibble Fork takes off to the left.

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