Cutler Marsh

Morning Fog Lifting at Cutler Marsh    (3 Nov 2010)   by Mike Fish   İMike Fish

Directions:  From US 91 north of Logan, go west on 2500 North (Airport Road) about 2.6 miles and bear left at the intersection and go west .75 miles to a "T" in the road.  Turn right and proceed to the bridge across the Bear River.  There's an excellent wetlands on a trail going south along the river. Continue another 1.75 miles to Sam Fellow Road.  A quarter of a mile north on Sam Fellow Road is the Oxbow Overlook and about 2 miles south is the Benson Marina. 

Birding: There's a 2.5 mile trail which starts and ends at Benson Marina on 3000 North Street which provides good birding.

Specialty Birds: American Bittern, White-faced Ibis, Snowy Egret, Cattle Egret, Great Blue Heron, Northern Harrier, Common Yellowthroat, American White Pelican and Sandhill Crane

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Morning Reflections at Cutler Marsh    (3 Nov 2010)   by Mike Fish   İMike Fish

Morning at Cutler Marsh    (12 Jun 2004)   by Milt Moody   İMilton G. Moody


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