Amalga Barrens

Amalga Barrens  by Jim Lofthouse   ŠJames Lofthouse

Description: Amalga Barrens is a relatively flat, open, marshy expanse in northern Cache Valley. Most of the marshy areas double as private ranch and pasture land. The Barrens is located northwest of Smithfield and just 10 miles south of the Utah-Idaho state line.  ~ Kristin Purdy

Directions:  Go west from Smithfield on UT 218.  Turn north after crossing the Bear River and go about a mile on 2400 West. Turn on 7000 North which goes across the barrens.
     From the Wasatch Front: Take I-15 north to exit 387. Turn east on UT 30. Just after entering Cache Valley, turn left (north) on UT 23 at Petersboro. Follow UT 23 north through Cache Junction, then east through Newton. Just south of the pyramid-shaped Little Mountain, take a short jog south on 4800W., and then turn left (east) onto 7000N. 7000N is an unimproved road that crosses The Barrens' expanse along the south side. To reach The Barrens within Cache Valley, take US 91 north through Logan. Turn left (west) at UT 218 in Smithfield, and right (north) on 2400W/Meridian Road. Watch for 7000N on the left--it's a pretty obscure road.  ~ Kristin Purdy

Specialty Birds: Short-eared Owls, waterfowl, shorebirds, Sandhill Cranes, Wilson's Snipe, Yellow-headed Blackbirds, raptors in winter.

Other:  It's important to have a scope because interior access to the marsh can only be achieved on 7000N. The birder can circumnavigate the entire Barrens area, looking into the marsh on UT 218 (a.k.a. 5200N in Smithfield, and the south border), 2400W. (east border; mostly residential), 8600N. (north border), and UT 23 (west border). All distances are pretty far, but you might catch some Short-eared Owl aerial display activity if you visit in early morning or at dusk in the spring. ~ Kristin Purdy

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Amalga Barrens  by Jim Lofthouse   ŠJames Lofthouse


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