Eagle Park
(Saratoga Springs Park)


Marshy Bay near the Park    by Staff Photographer  Šutahbirds.org  (2009)

Directions: From the Main Street (also Redwood Road)  in Saratoga Springs, go to Centennial Blvd. (1660 South) and turn toward the lake. In a few blocks the road will make a strong curve to the right.  The park is right on this curve toward the lake.

Description: This park is on a hill overlooking a marshy bay and allows rare access to Utah Lake's west shore. There are large trees, marshes, lawns and and other types of bird-attracting habitat.  Picnic tables and restroom facilities are available in the park.

Birding: You can scope out the waterfowl and marsh birds from the hill and there's a trail that going north and comes out at Saratoga Drive.  It skirts the bay close to the lake and provides a closer look at the dense vegetation along the shore.

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Looking toward Provo Canyon    by Staff Photographer  Šutahbirds.org  (2009)

Park on the Shore of Utah Lake    by Staff Photographer  Šutahbirds.org (2009)










  North end of Lakeside Trail
by Keeli Marvel 
   ŠKeeli Shea Marvel (April 2016)


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