Deer Creek Reservoir

Deer Creek Reservoir in Winter    by Leena Rogers   İLeena Rogers

Directions: Deer Creek Reservoir lies along Hwy. 189 about 4 miles southwest of Heber or about 10 miles going east up Provo Canyon.  The road on the east end of the reservoir that goes through Charleston to Midway is a main access road to the good birding areas when the reservoir is full.

Description: The east and northeast shores of the lake are generally the best for birding, but birds can be found all along the shore to the dam on the west end.  In the spring and summer there are generally a lot of bird in northeast arm where the Provo River flows into the reservoir and in the shallow areas and mudflats extending along the north shore in this area.
     Soldier Hollow Overlook Directions:  From the Charleston-to-Midway Road, take Tate Lane on the north end of the reservoir and go about 4 blocks to Soldier Hollow Lane and turn left. Go about 1/4 of a mile to a pullout parking area overlooking the north end of the reservoir.

Specialty Birds: (Spring)  Sandhill Crane, Osprey, waterfowl, shorebirds, gulls and terns  (Fall, Winter) Sabine´s Gull, Pacific Loon, Common Loon, Ring-necked Duck, Barrow´s Goldeneye, Bald Eagle and Northern Shrike

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Deer Creek Reservoir and Mt. Timpanogos    by Merrill Webb   İMerrill Webb











 A cold, windy day at
 Deer Creek Reservoir

 by Eric Huish
11 November 2006
 İEric Huish

Provo River Inlet Bridge and Wetlands  by Staff Photographer   İSeptember 2012

Provo River Inlet into Low-level Reservoir  by Staff Photographer   İSeptember 2012

Charleston Pioneer Park (Check for Common Grackles)    by Staff Photographer   İSeptember 2012

Soldier Hollow Overlook   by Staff Photographer   İSeptember 2012