Echo Reservoir

Echo Reservoir Looking Toward Coalville     Staff Photographer   Š (2013)

Nearby:   Henefer,   Echo,   Chalk Creek,   Rockport Reservoir

~ Information by Dave Hanscom

Directions:  Take the Coalville Exit of I-80 and go to Coalville's Main Street.  (Set your odometer here). 

Birding:  Turn left on Main Street and go 1.1 miles and turn left to a place you can look for shorebirds and waterfowl depending on the water level of the reservoir.  (Try to get to the edge of the water where there are mudflats). Look for Cackling and White-fronted Geese, Great Egrets, Osprey, Pinyon Jays and in the winter, Loons.

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Continue on the main road to mile 2.6, where you can access the "Rail Trail" which goes along a lot of the east side of the reservoir. 

Access to the "Rail Trail" along the East Shore

(At this point Grass Creek intersects the main road from the east. Look for an Osprey nest platform there.)


Echo Reservoir Dam

You can continue along the main road past the dam and on toward Echo.

Un-credited Photos by Staff Photographer   Š (2013)

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