Deer Creek Dam Wetlands

Deer Creek Wetlands from Parking Lot    by Staff Photographer   ©September 2012

Directions: From US 189 in Provo Canyon, turn off to the south just below the Deer Creek Reservoir Dam. Immediately (at the stop sign) turn left (signed "River Access") and go about 100 yards or so to a paved road the goes off to the right.  Follow this road down to river level and across the bridge to a small parking lot with street signs "Deer Creek Parkway" and "Little Deer Creed Rd."

Description: There is a dense shrubby wetlands just below the parking lot with large cottonwood trees in all directions.  The road back to the bridge skirts the Provo River and is a good place to view the birds along the river.

Birding: You can bird from the parking lot and along the road to the bridge.  You can along go down the Deer Creek Parkway road which ends in a closed gate.  There are several trails that lead into the dense vegetation that may be good to try if they are passable at the time of year you're there.

Specialty Birds: (Spring)  Yellow-breasted Chat, Gray Catbird, Common Yellowthroat

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