Silver Lake Boardwalk

Silver Lake    by Carol Gwynn     İCarol Gwynn

Directions:  Take the 7200 South exit (Exit 297) on I-15 in Salt Lake City and go east about 5 miles on UT 48 to the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Go up the canyon 14 miles on UT 190 to Brighton.  Silver Lake is behind the Nordic Center on the one-way loop at the end of the road.

Birding: The Boardwalk around the lake is an excellent place to bird.  There are also trails to near-by lake which  have been very good places to find woodpeckers and crossbills as well as other high mountain species.  Birding from the parking lots at Brighton can also provide some very good birds.

(See Big Cottonwood Canyon)

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Brighton Ski Resort near Silver Lake    by Milt Moody    April 2003 İMilton G. Moody