Evergreen Cemetery

Junipers at Evergreen Cemetery   by Staff Photographer  Šutahbirds.org

Directions: Go south on Main Street in Springville and bear right at about 600 South on Hwy. 89 which go back over the road and continues in a southeasterly direction.  Continue about a mile passed 1600 South (Springville) and take the next right (about 1600 North - Mapleton) and go about 3 block to the cemetery.

     Coming from the south:  Go north on Hwy. 89 (1600 West) in Mapleton to 800 North and turn left (west) and go  about 3 block to where the road curves right (to the north).  Continue a block or so after the curve to the cemetery.

Description:  There are a lot of large juniper trees in this cemetery which attract some birds that are hard to find in the surrounding area.

Specialty Birds:  Clark's Nutcracker, Juniper Titmouse, Townsend's Solitaire, waxwings, Evening Grosbeak, (there was one report of a Blue Jay)

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