Farmington Bay

Winter Birds at Farmington Bay  by Carol Gwynn    ©Carol Gwynn

Directions: Take Exit 319 in Centerville going east and turn left onto the frontage road (Market Place Drive).  Go 3 miles and turn left on Glover's Lane (925 South).  Go 1.4 miles and turn left onto 1325 West Street which leads to the the management area.
     Alternate approach: Get off of I-15 at the Lagoon exit (#322) and then immediately turning right onto the frontage road, and then turning right onto Glover's Lane. From freeway to Glover's Lane is a very short distance, like probably 1/4 mile at most. Glover's Lane is the bridge that I-15 travels under just before the Lagoon exit. This way avoids the 3 miles of frontage road that one must travel getting off at exit 319. It is a straight forward route. ~ Matthew Wallace

     The south entrance: (~ Ann Neville)... the south entrance to FB is also a great place to bird ... You're in for a walk (or bike ride), but you can access all the dikes, especially by the dump (see middle left side of photo). If you're in for a looooong walk the whole square dike system loop is 6 miles from the south parking lot. You get your exercise and birding in at the same time.
     [From the south] Take 400 North exit [Bountiful] and go east, turn north at 200 West. Go west on Pages Lane (the next light) and immediately before the dump is the (west) turnoff for the south entrance.
     From the north, take the Centerville exit turn west (Parrish Ln) to 1250 West and turn south. Go to West Porters Ln and turn west, it will curve south to 1100 West to Pages Lane (you'll be able to see the dump). In the winter, I've seen 50+ eagles in the trees on Pages Lane just east of 1100 West.
     It's only open during hunting season.

Specialty Birds: waterfowl, Snowy Plover, Common Moorhen, Short-eared Owl; (in migration) shorebirds

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Nearby: Eccles WEC, Glover Lane, Buffalo Ranch, Bountiful Landfill, Kaysville Ponds

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Farmington Bay  by Lee Romrell    ©Lee T. Romrell  (17 Oct 2012)

Looking toward Farmington and Bountiful   by Carol Gwynn    ©Carol Gwynn

A Marshy Pond at Farmington Bay   by Carol Gwynn    ©Carol Gwynn

Farmington Bay "Rainbow"  by Carol Gwynn    ©Carol Gwynn

Farmington Bay from Above  by Jack Binch    ©Jack Binch   (7 Oct 2005)

A Swan's-eye view of a Pond at Farmington Bay  by Scott Miller    ©Scott Miller   (July 2007)