Jeremy Ranch - East Canyon Ranch Road

East Canyon Ranch Road    by Staff Photographer   Š (2013)

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~ Information by Dave Hanscom

Directions:  Take the Jeremy Ranch exit of I-80 (about 9 miles northwest of Park City) and go north. Immediately turn left onto the frontage road and go about a tenth of a mile to a roundabout where you will turn right onto Jeremy Ranch Road.  (Set your odometer - distances will be measured from this point).

Birding: Continue on Jeremy Ranch Road 0.7 miles through the Jeremy Ranch Golf Course to the north side where there is a pond skirted by the Weber River.

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You can check for swallows here and make a stop if there is other interesting bird activity.

Continue another 0.4 miles on the now unpaved road to where the river is closer to the road and there is a large area of willows and wet lands.

This is a good place for: Gray Catbirds, Willow Flycatchers, Green-tailed Towhees and Fox Sparrows (same as other similar areas along this road).

Farther down the road are more willow wetlands and a variety of fields and sagebrush areas. 

This road continues about 4 miles to the Morgan County border and anther 8 miles or so to the East Canyon Reservoir.  American Dippers are seen regularly and in the winter you might see some Rough-legged Hawks along this road.

Photos by Staff Photographer   Š (2013)

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