Fairview Canyon

Fairview Lakes from Above     by Milt Moody  İMilton G. Moody

Directions:  From Hwy 89 in Fairview turn east at the sign for Fairview Canyon, Scofield and Huntington Canyon -- it's well marked.

Description: The Fairview canyon road leads to several destinations: Skyline Drive going north, Skyline Drive going south, Huntington Canyon and Scofield Reservoir.  There are several lakes near the top of the canyon: Fairview Lakes (see picture above), Electric Lake, Huntington Reservoir to name a few. 

Birding: There are good places you can stop all along the road.  Some of the turnoffs by streams that come into main stream can have broad marshy riparian areas that can be especially birdy.

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Top of Electric Lake     by Milt Moody  İMilton G. Moody
Sunrise at Huntington Reservoir    by Milt Moody  İMilton G. Moody