Buffalo Ranch (Pond and Trail)

Buffalo Ranch    by Carol Gwynn

(Submitted by Kris Purdy - 24 Apr 2011)

Description:  The pond features shallow open water next to extensive Great Salt Lake wetlands to the west and a subdivision to the east. The flat trail, elevation about 4200 feet, is a good walking or bike riding surface and passes through agricultural land, a subdivision, and along pastures and wetlands. 

Directions:  From I-15, take exit 324 (northbound) or 325 (southbound) for Park Lane. Turn west onto Park Lane and drive to the traffic light at Clark Lane. Turn west onto Clark Lane, drive west through the subdivision called Farmington Ranches, and park across the street (south) from the very obvious red buildings of the Buffalo Ranch complex. Enter the trail system on the north side of the road. You can also park at Glover Pond and enter the trail system heading north or west at the golf ball radar. Buffalo Ranch Pond is northwest of Glover Pond. Total loop is about 3 miles.

Birding:  The whole Buffalo Ranch Trail is a several-mile loop. The best area for birding along the trail is at Buffalo Ranch Pond, and while you can enter the trail system near the golf ball radar at Glover Pond, the shortest distance to the pond is from the main Buffalo Ranch complex (buildings are red) at the west end of Clark Lane. [See Google Earth map above]. I parked there and estimate that walking the trail north, then west, then south of the ranch buildings and paddocks was ½ to ¾ mile.

The pond is about as big as Glover Pond and provides the same habitat. Trails extend around three sides and while you’re very visible to the birds, working around three sides allows you to see everything there without flushing anything. A scope would be handy for scanning the pond and the expansive flats to the west, but I was too lazy to lug mine and had quite a respectable group of birds with only binoculars and ears:

Good Birds: Herons, egrets, waterfowl, grebes, terns.

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Rare Birds: Horned Grebe

Nearby: Glover Lane, Farmington Bay, Eccles WEC Bountiful Landfill, Kaysville Ponds, Woodland Park

Buffalo Ranch Birds    by Carol Gwynn

Buffalo Ranch, Spring Break    by Carol Gwynn

Buffalo Ranch, Mountains and Road    by Carol Gwynn

Google Earth Map    by Kris Purdy