Cedar Valley Auto Tour

Cedar Valley Sunrise   by Eric Huish    ©Eric Huish

Area Map

Directions: Begin the tour at the Lehi Exit of I-15: exit 279 heading west (see map above). Start checking mileage from the exit. This road is Utah Highway 73, headed towards Tooele. At 4.0 miles, you will come to the Jordan River, where you will normally see many gulls - California Gulls in the summer and Ring-bill Gulls in the winter. You may also find swallows, blackbirds, herons and other birds.

Continue west on Highway 73 passing the intersection with Redwood Road, and head toward Cedar Fort which is 16 miles ahead. Along this stretch of road watch for Horned Larks, Red-tailed, Swainson’s, Ferruginous and Rough-legged Hawks, Northern Harriers, Prairie Falcons, Merlins, American Kestrels and Golden Eagles. In the winter this is a prime area for viewing wintering Bald Eagles which migrate to Utah from the Canadian Rockies.  You can also check out the Rodeo Grounds at the north end of 100 West.

At Fairfield, 4.2 miles beyond Cedar Fort, turn left at the "Stage Coach Inn" sign and drive east for .7 miles. In town look for Northern Flickers, Common Nighthawks and Great Horned Owls in the surrounding trees. Turn right (south) on Hillside Stake Ranch road and drive to the line of trees. Please respect the private property signs. These trees are a popular winter roosting place for Bald Eagles.

Return to Highway 73 and continue 1.5 miles to a dirt road leading north (to the right) to Manning Canyon at N 40 15.080' W 112 07.230'. This section is not recommended when wet. Deer and antelope are commonly seen in the open fields. Look for Horned Larks and Mountain Blue Birds. Upon entering the Pinyon-Juniper forest watch for Pinyon and Scrub Jays, Spotted Towhees, Plain Titmouse, Lazuli Bunting, Townsend’s Solitaire and Mourning Doves. Manning Canyon ends after about 8 miles. Toward the top of the canyon there are springs and ponds that draw a lot of birds.

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Camp Floyd in Fairfield    by Staff Photographer  ©utahbirds.org
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From the Rodeo Grounds Parking Lot in Cove Fort Looking toward Mt. Timpanogos 
by Milt Moody    ©Milton G. Moody
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                            Cedar Valley from the Tintic Mountains   by Eric Huish    ©Eric Huish


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