Emigration Canyon

Emigration Canyon Looking Towards the Salt Lake Valley     by Milt Moody    İMilton G. Moody

Directions:  (From the west): Go east on 500 South in Salt Lake City. The road will start to curve south at about 1600 East until it is heading south (at about 2100 East and 900 South). Turn left (east) on Sunnyside Avenue (about 900 South) and continue east. You will reach the mouth of the canyon in about 1 mile.
(From the south): From I-80 take the Foothill Blvd. exit going north at the mouth of Parley's Canyon. Travel a couple of miles or so on Foothill Blvd. to  Sunnyside Avenue (about 900 South) where you will turn right (east).  Continue east for about a mile to the mouth of the canyon.

Birding:  .Birding is best when you get to Little Mountain and on to Big Mountain.  About 7 miles up the canyon you can take a road to the right (going south) that will connect to UT 65 (about 3 miles away) where you can bird Little Dell Reservoir and Mountain Dell Reservoir as well as Washington Park,  which are near the junction. From there you can head back to Salt Lake on I-80 to complete the loop.

Birds: Warblers, towhees, accipiters, swallows, occasional Golden Eagle. The road continues to Big Mountain, good for Northern Pygmy-Owls at times, Flam. Owl, Great Horned, Screech, and Saw-whets have all been seen and heard at the divide in July and August. Broad-winged Hawks have been seen here as well in Sept-Oct. ~  Steve Carr

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Little Dell Reservoir from the Top of Emigration Canyon    by Milt Moody    İMilton G. Moody