Chester Ponds

One of the Chester Ponds     by Oliver Hansen  ŠOliver Hansen

 ~ submitted by Oliver Hansen

Directions:  (from HWY 89) - 0.7 miles north of the intersection of HWY 89 and 117 there is a small gravel road on the west side of the highway. Follow this road and keep an eye out on the south side of the road for several ponds. The road will eventually turn right at a large cabin house. The road then turns back to the left and will end up meeting up with highway 132. There is also one more pond that often has waterfowl on it half way between 132 and 89 on 117 on the N. side of the road.

Description: Chester is found east of Wales, south of Moroni, and west of Spring City. There are many ponds in the area to the north of town. The majority of these ponds can be viewed from a small gravel road running from HWY 89 to 132.

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