Chalk Creek

Chalk Creek     Staff Photographer   Š (2013)

Nearby:   Henefer,   Echo,   Echo Reservoir,   Rockport Reservoir

~ Information by Dave Hanscom

Directions:  Take the Coalville exit of I-80 and go northeast to Coalville's Main St. (Set your odometer at this point).  Turn left and follow Main Street to 100 North then turn right and follow the curves as this road becomes Chalk Creak Road. 

Birding:  At about mile 4, check for Wild Turkeys, Red-naped Sapsuckers and Plumbeous Vireos.  (see photo above).  Pinyon Jays can show up anywhere along this road, so be on the lookout.

At mile 10.4 look for Bobolinks on the fence posts around the un-mowed fields.

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   At mile 14.8 and beyond check for Yellow-breasted Chats in the wet willow area.

Pinecliff Camp, with a lodge and cabins, is located at mile 18 and usually has hummingbird feeders as well as other types of feeders.  Park on the main road and walk into the camp area being aware not to disturb  any people that are using the camp. (There can be fairly large groups).

On the Way to Pincliff Camp

Un-credited Photos by Staff Photographer   Š (2013)

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