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2024  (Click on "Bird of the Month" in the Content list)

Kalij Pheasant
         Apr  by Dan Simmons
The Black Oriole
         Mar  by Robert Parsons
Blue Grosbeak
         Feb  by Steve Van Winkle
Wood Duck
         Jan  by Marie & Edison Hinckley

2023  (Click on "Bird of the Month" in the Content list)

African Oxpeckers
         Dec  by Dennis Shirley
Rough-legged Hawk
         Nov  by Keeli Marvel
Woodhouse's Scrub Jay
        Oct  by Jeremy & Kristin Telford
Dusky Grouse
         Sep  by KC Childs
Redgeway's Rail
         Aug  by Stephen Minor
The Magpies
         Jul  by Lynn Garner
Sandhill Crane
         Jun  by Danny Nelson
Red-winged Blackbird
         May  by Torrey Best
Turkey Vulture
         Apr  by Sonya Massey
Anna's Hummingbird
         Mar  by Jan Munger
Ruby-crowned Kingelt
         Feb  by Asher Lee
Western Screech Owl
         Jan  by Tammy Northrup


Green-tailed Towhee
         Dec by Steve Van Winkle
         Nov by Dennis Shirley
Pinyon Jay
         Oct by Keeli Marvel
California Gull
         Sep by Lynn Garner
Greater Roadrunner
         Aug Text by Jeremy Telford & Photos by Nichole Telford
Lucy's Warbler
         Jul by Kayla Echols
American Woodcock
         Jun by Bryan Shirley
Bicknell's Thrush
         May by Robert Parsons
Bristle-thighed Curlew
         Apr by Ned Hill
Mountain Bluebird
         Mar by Lynn Garner
Vermilion Flycatcher
         Feb by Tammy Northrup
American Dipper
         Jan by Jeremy Telford


Ferruginous Hawk
         Dec by Jeremy Telford
Spotted Sandpiper
         Nov by Steve Van Winkle
Brown-headed Cowbird
         Oct by Nichole Telford
Marbled Murrelet
         Sep by Keeli Marvel
The Capuchinbird
         Aug by Samantha Phillips
Black Swift
         Jul by Carel Brest van Kempen
Williamson's Sapsucker
         Jun by Machelle Johnson
         May by Kristin Telford
European Turtle Dove
         Apr by Jeremy Telford
         Mar by Steve Van Winkle
Pacific Loon
         Fev by Kristin Telford
Common Raven
         Jan by Lynn Garner


Homeland Hummingbirds
         Dec by Dennis Shirley
Greater Roadrunner
         Nov by Douglas Denys
         Oct by Spencer Covert
Lewis's Woodpecker
         Sep, by Steve Van Winkle
Ringed Kingfisher
         Aug, by   by Robert Parsons
Common Nighthawk
         Jul, by Kayla Echols
Elephant Bird
         Jun, by Sora Shirley
         May, by Alton Thygerson
Black-chinned Hummingbird
         Apr, by Tori Shirley
Great Egret
         Mar, by Lynn Garner
Tawny Eagle
         Feb, by Steven Van Winkle
Mute Swan
       Jan 2020, by Asher and Jesse Lee

White-throated Sparrow
       Dec 2019, by Lynn Garner
Broad-tailed Hummingbird
        Nov 2019, by Jeremy Telford
Common Raven
       Oct 2019, by Kristin Telford
Pinyon Jay
        Sep 2019, by Alona Huffaker
Lark Bunting
         Aug 2019, by Machelle Johnson
Peregrine Falcon
         Jul 2019, by Alton Thygerson
Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay
         May 2019, by Jim Strong
Wilson's Snipe
          April 2019, by Steve Van Winkle
Passenger Pigeon
          March 2019, by Nichole Telford
Black-headed Grosbeak
          February 2019, by Machelle Johnson
Gray Catbird
          January 2019, by Alona Huffaker
Sapsuckers  (four species found in Utah)
          December 2018, by Dennis Shirley
Great-tailed Grackle
          November 2018, by Lyle Bingham
Secretary Bird
          October 2018, by Machelle Johnson
Canada Jay
          August 2018, by Alton Thygerson
Sandhill Crane
          July 2018, by Milt Moody
Tawny Frogmouth
          June 2018, by Jesse Lee
Clark's Nutcracker
          May 2018, by Jim Strong
"Furred Grouce"
          April 1st 2018, by Jeremy Telford
Northern Saw-whet Owl
          Marh 2018, by Yvonne Carter
Common Raven
          February 2018, by Kayla Echols
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
          January 2018, by Machelle Johnson
Happy Holidays
          December 2017, (rerun from 12/2010) by Keeli Marvel
Greater Yellowlegs
          November 2017, by Machelle Johnson
Barn Owl
          October 2017 (rerun from 10/2014), by Machelle Johnson
Northern Goshawk
          September 2017, by Machelle Johnson
Gray Jay
         August 2017, by Machelle Johnson
Cattle Egret
          July 2017 (rerun from 08/2007), by Tom Williams
          June 2017 (rerun from 05/2008), by Carol Nelson
Common Nighthawk
          May 2017, by Machelle Johnson
Brown Creeper
          April 2017, by Jeremy Telford
Great Gray Owl
          March 2017, by Dennis Shirley
Red-shouldered Hawk
          February 2017, by Machelle Johnson
Greater White-fronted Goose
          January 2017, by Machelle Johnson
Japanese Crested Ibis
          December 2016, by Bryan Shirley
Wild Turkey
          November 2016 (rerun from 11/2007), by Robin Tuck
American Dipper
          October 2016 (rerun from 10/2008), by Landon Jones
Black-billed Magpie
          September 2016 (rerun from 8/2009), by Yvonne Carter
Rufous Hummingbird
          August 2016 (rerun from 8/2013), by Eric Huish
Long-tailed Jaeger
          July 2016, by Machelle Johnson
Golden-crowned Kinglet
          June 2016, by Machelle Johnson
Lazuli Bunting
          May 2016, by Dennis Shirley
Sharp-tailed Grouse
          April 2016, by Suzi Holt
Savannah Sparrow
          March 2016, by Bryan Shirley
American Kestrel
          February 2016 (rerun from 2/2013), by Jeff Cooper
Northern Pygmy Owl
          January 2016, by Suzi Holt
Black Skimmer
          December 2015, by Sheryl Serrano
Pileated Woodpecker
          November 2015, by Yvonne Carter
Green Heron
          October 2015 (rerun from 6/2011), by Steve Carr
Mountain Bluebird
          September 2015, by Machelle Johnson
Hairy Woodpecker
          August 2015, by Machelle Johnson
Black-crowned Night-Heron
          July 2015, by Lynn Garner
Elegant Trogon
          June 2015, by Keeli Marvel
Barred Owl
          May 2015, by Machelle Johnson
Cattle Egret
          April 2015, by Sheryl Serrano
Snowy Owl
          March 2015, by Alton Thygerson
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
          February 2015, by Milt Moody
Rock Sandpiper
          January 2015, by Dennis Shirley

          December 2014, by Amanda Holt
Burrowing Owl
          November 2014, by Jim Strong
Barn Owl
          October 2014, by Machelle Johnson
Reddish Hermit
          September 2014, by Bryan Shirley
Williamson's Sapsucker
          August 2014, by Machelle Johnson
Atlantic Puffin
          July 2014, by Alvin Green
Short-eared Owl
          June 2014, by Machelle Johnson
Say's Phoebe
          May 2014, by Douglas Mead
American Avocet
          April 2014, by Sheryl Serrano
          March 2014, by Jeff Cooper
Blue Jay
          February 2014, by Machelle Johnson
Western Meadowlark
          January 2014 (rerun from 5/2007), by Alton Thygerson


House Sparrow
          December 2013, by Douglas Mead
Gray Catbird
          November 2013, by Alton Thygerson
Eurasian Collard-Dove
          October 2013 (rerun from 9/2007), by Tuula Rose
Rufous Hummingbird
          Aug 2013, by Eric Huish
Band-tailed Pigeon
          May 2013, by Milt Moody
The Thunder-Pumper
          April 2013, by Carol Nelson
Bohemian Waxwing
          March 2013, by Bryan Shirley
American Kestrel
          February 2013, by Jeff Cooper

White-tailed Ptarmigan
          April 2012, by Ned Bixler
Hooded Merganser
          March 2012, by Carol Nelson
Nutting's Flycatcher
          February 2012, by Dennis Shirley
Clark's Nutcracker
          January 2012, by Oliver Hansen
European Starling
          August 2011, by Sherry Shadday
Green Heron
          June 2011, by Steve Carr
Cassin's Finch
          May 2011, by Pat Jividen
Evening Grosbeak
          April 2011, by Jeff Cooper
Belted Kingfisher
          February 2011, by Oliver Hansen


          December 2010, by Keeli Marvel
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
          November 2010, by Ned Bixler
Canyon Wren
          August 2010, by Cheryl Peterson
Cedar Waxwing
          June 2010, by Oliver Hansen
Yellow-billed Loon
          May 2010, by Kathy Knaus
Western Screech-Owl
          April 2010, by Leila Ogden
Is a bird in a cage better than 2 in a bush?
          March 2010, by Tuula Rose
Long-eared Owl
          February 2010, by Ned Bixler
Spotted Towhee
          January 2010, by Alona Huffaker


Black-capped Chickadee
          December 2009, by Leena Rogers
Himalayan Snowcock
          November 2009, by Grant Jense
Black-billed Magpie
          August 2009, by Yvonne Carter
Cliff Swallow
          July 2009, by Alton Thygerson
Bald Eagle
          June 2009, by Julia B. Tuck
Greater Roadrunner
          May 2009, by Reed Stone
White-winged Crossbill
          April 2009, by Bryan Shirley
Northern Mockingbird
          March 2009, by Cheryl Peterson
Mountain Bluebird
          February 2009, by Junece Markham
American Robin
          January 2009, by Eric Huish
Snow Bunting
          December 2008, by Keeli Marvel
California Quail
          November 2008, by Gayla Muir
American Dipper
          October 2008, by Landon Jones
Resplendent Quetzal
          September 2008, by Ned Hill
Black-and-white Warbler
          August 2008, by Cheryl Peterson
Ring-necked Pheasant
          July 2008, by Lynn Garner
Common Yellowthroat
          June 2008, by Leena Rogers
          May 2008, by Carol Nelson
American Goldfinch
          April 2008, by Julia Tuck
Jamaican Tody
          March 2008, by Bryan Shirley
Northern Pygmy-Owl
          February 2008, by Alona Huffaker
Red-breasted Nuthatch
          January 2008, by Glenn Barlow


Northern Flicker
          December 2007, by Grant Jense
Wild Turkey
          November 2007, by Robin Tuck
Northern Cardinal
          October 2007, by Ned Bixler
Eurasian Collard-Dove
          September 2007, by Tuula Rose
Cattle Egret
          August 2007, by Tom Williams
Common Poorwill
          July 2007, by Eric Huish
Yellow-breasted Chat
          June 2007, by Milt Moody
Western Meadowlark
          May 2007, by Alton Thygerson
Greater Roadrunner
          April 2007, by LeIla Ogden
American Tree Sparrow
          March 2007, by Tuula Rose
American Dipper
          February 2007, by Merrill Webb