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The "Utah Birds" web site strives to cover a broad spectrum of subjects dealing with birds and birding in Utah. It is meant as a resource to anyone interested in birds. For the beginning birder it offers information about birding organizations, hotlines, the best birding places, as well as information about the birds themselves, including a great number of pictures.  For the avid birder, this web site provides the latest information about bird sightings, through the state and local hotlines, sighting reports, and a way to be in touch with other birders. For the ornithologist or serious student of birds, there is a complete listing of rare bird sighting in Utah, archives of the records of the Utah Bird Records Committee as well as the records presently being reviewed, and a search function to help sift through the more than 40,000 web site files.

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About the Utah Birds website

This website is sponsored by the "Utah County Birders," a birding group from the north-central part of Utah.  Funding for the website comes through the Utah County Birders organization with donations from and the Salt Lake Birders and Utah Ornithological Society.

    The Volunteer Web Site Staff:    (Presently: Milt Moody, Eric Huish and Leena Rogers)

    Founder: Weldon Whipple initially setup the website and list serves for the Utah County Birders (around 1997). He maintained the integrity of the website and the list serves (did the work that required brains and ability) for about eight years.  His work was essential to the creation and development of this website.

    The Webmaster: Most of the collecting of information, creating and updating pages, managing the e-mail hotlines, posting, writing up stuff like this not to mention misspelling, mis-linking AND correcting the mistakes is done by Milt Moody, the webmaster.
    The Assistant Webmaster: Joining the staff (in 2004), Eric Huish maintains the state calendar, the Utah County Birders website screening and forwarding hotline messages submitted through the website. He is playing an ever increasing roll in keeping the website up-to-date and running smoothly, providing timely birding information for Utah.
   Hotline Highlights Report & Facebook Page Specialist: In February 2010, Leena Rogers joined the staff as the compiler and editor of the "Hotline Highlights" report which summarizes the rare and interest birds that are being seen throughout Utah.  She is also in charge of the Utah County Birders Facebook page.
July 2020 - Remembering Leena]

We hope that the "Utah Birds" website can contribute to the
knowledge of birds and bird life in Utah.


Other contributors:
A lot of the substance of this website comes from those who send in bird sighting to the hotlines which ends up in reports and databases on the website.  Also of great help are those who submit records to the Utah Bird Records Committee who are continually reviewing sight records of rare birds and providing information that is posted on this website.  A great debt of gratitude is due to the photographers who have sent in a huge number of  interesting, beautiful and down right amazing pictures of birds which end up in the Photo Gallery, Photos of the Month, and Feature Pages. There are many others who have helped out, now and then, whose contributions are much appreciated.

Embedded Websites:
There are several websites that are included in the "Utah Birds" website.  The official websites of the Utah Ornithological Society and its Utah Bird Records Committee are part of this website as well as the website for the  sponsor of this website, Utah County Birders.

Looking for a new home:
As the on-line environment changes, this website must change with it.  We are looking for perhaps, a university or other institution in Utah to take over this website.  Here's a proposal that outlines how this might work.


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