Remembering Leena Rogers

                          July 2020


   by Milt Moody

Our friend and fellow birder Leena Roger passed away peacefully in her sleep on the 12th of July, 2020. It came as a surprise even though she had had a heart attack a while back but seemed to be recovering well.  We will certainly miss a lot of the things she did for our birding group, but what I think we'll miss the most is her always positive and friendly personality and the kindness she showed to others.

It is true that she took pictures of a lot of the meetings, field trips and special occasions, for the newsletter and field trip reports, and faithfully compiled the monthly hotline highlights for many years, and spearheaded the very successful Utah County Birders Facebook Page which now has over 1,140 members that share photos and thoughts about birds.  But what I think our group will miss the most is the thoughtfulness and always positive words and consideration she had for others, trying to welcome them into the group and encourage them to participate in our common interest in birds.

I personally will remember the Christmas bird counts, the birthday celebrations at Chuckarama with her, Tuula,Rose, and Eric Huish, which we called "website staff meetings" even though the subject didn't really come up or need to), and all the bird chases far and near, successful and unsuccessful.-- it turns out that they're always successful when you get to spend time with your friends. 

We'll miss you Leena!

* Link to Leena's Photographer Bio -- written quite a few years ago -- with a google link to her website photos.



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