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Morning Fog Lifting at Cutler Marsh    (3 Nov 2010)   by Mike Fish   İMike Fish

The "Utah Birds" website has had a lot of help from birders around the state.
You can help out by providing information about good birding places,
by sending in photos of Utah birds, by reporting mistake or giving suggestions
and by participating in the collection of birding information for the state.

Provide information about good birding places:

The "Utah Birds" website lists about 300 places to bird in the 29 counties of Utah.  Unfortunately, many of these birding places have little information about what birds you might expect to find there, how best to bird the area, etc.  If you would like to add any information you might have about these birding places or if you have a favorite bird location that isn't on the list, you can fill out a website form  and share this information with other interested birders.

Send in bird photos:

The "Utah Birds" website has received hundreds of photos of over 330 bird species from about 40 different photographers.  The photos are displayed in the "Photo Gallery" and in the "Utah Bird Profiles." Some of the more outstanding photos are listed on the "Photos of the Month" page and some of the rare or difficult to photograph birds are listed on the "Most Wanted Bird Photos" page.  If you would like to send in some of your bird photos, just  send an e-mail  with your name, date and place that the photo was taken and attach the photo in a ".jpg" or ".gif" format.   If you have questions, please send them to:  records@utahbirds.org. (the same address)

Report mistakes or give suggestions:

This website has evolved over several year.  There are over 7,000 files associated with this website and more are being added all the time.  If you see mistakes or have suggestions on how the website can be improved, we would welcome your comments and suggestions.

Report bird sightings:

If you happen to see a rare bird (a list of "review species" is on the committee page), please fill out a sighting form and send it electronically to the Utah Bird Records Committee. The Records Committee is in charge of  keeping records of rare bird sightings and updating the official bird checklist for Utah.  The committee will evaluate the record to see whether it is an acceptable sighting for the official records of Utah.  The records now under review are posted on the "Utah Birds" website as well as an archives of past records submitted on-line.  A fairly complete listing of accepted rare bird sightings is also kept on the website.

We appreciate any help we get in developing this website,
if you have any questions about how you can help , please
contact us.


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