Photo of the photographer by Leena Rogers  ©Leena Rogers

Milt Moody
Provo, Utah

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My interest in nature resulted mainly in the study of  trees, shrubs, wildflowers and the night sky until about 16 years ago (1994) when I was introduced to birding.  Things have never been the same! While I am a  pediatric physical therapist by profession, my interest in birds has taken me to many places in the world I never thought I'd visit and has me doing webmaster and bird records committee tasks I'd never even thought about before.  It's been great!

I've been taking bird pictures with a pretty regular digital camera attached to a spotting scope.  Though the pictures are of modest quality, they're usually okay for documenting rare birds and sometimes they're not too bad for showing some different plumage, etc., in the Photo Gallery.

Equipment: Nikon Coolpix 4500 and a Kowa Scope (digiscoping)
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