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   Brown Booby
   Sula leucogaster
 Puerto Rico
 20 January 2024
    (Two more photos
 by Kendall Brown
 ęKendall W. Brown



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Townsend's Solitaire    by Kris Purdy
Western Screech-Owl    by Kris Purdy
Northern Mockingbird    by Jim Bruce
Painted Bunting    by James Loveless
Bronzed Cowbird    by Kendall Brown
Broad-winged Hawk    by Suzi Holt
Purple Finch    by Jack Binch
Sandhill Crane - chick    by Kendall Brown
White-faced Storm-Petrel    by Joel Beyer
Verdin    by Holden Green
Snowy Egret    by Janice Vander Molen
Eurasian Hoopoe    by Kendall Brown
American Redstart    by Cliff Miles
Hooded Oriole    by Weston Smith
Rock Wren    by Ted Fitzgerald
Merlin    by Jack Binch
Common Tern    by Jose Pacheco
Brown Pelican    by Jack Binch
Japanese White-eye    by Kendall Brown
Bullock's Oriole    by Jim Bruce
Cattle Egret    by Allison Cao
Winter Wren    by Cliff Miles
Barn Owl    by Jack Binch
Common Poorwill    by Cliff Miles
Dusky Grouse    by Suzi Holt
Common Nighthawk    by Jeff Cooper
Canyon Wren    by Cliff Miles
Great Egret    by Jim Bruce
Clark's Grebe    by Doc Hansen
Mute Swan    by Gene Rogers
Hooded Merganser    by Jim Bruce
Lewis's Woodpecker    by Cliff Miles
Mountain Bluebird    by Eric Peterson
Red-bellied Woodpecker    by Mike Hearell
Yellow-rumped Warbler    by Jim Bruce
Double-crested Cormorant    by Ted Fitzgerald
Northern Saw-whet Owl    by Jeff Cooper
Wild Turkey    by Cliff Miles
Common Merganser    by Ted Fitzgerald
American White Pelican    by Gene Rogers
Western Meadowlark    by Paul Higgins
Long-tailed Jaeger    by Mike Hearell
Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs    by Jim Bruce
Acorn Woodpecker    by Tuula Rose
Lesser Sand-Plover    by John Crawley
Pine Grosbeak    by Paul Higgins
Violet-green Swallow    by Amanda Holt
Olive Warbler    by John Crawley
Northern Pygmy-Owl    by Pamela Sue
Verdin    by Lee Taylor
House Finch    by Jack Binch
Black Skimmer    by Margaret Sloan
Long-tailed Duck    by Paul Higgins
Nelson's Sparrow    by Joel Beyer
Magnolia Warbler    by Paul Higgins
Northern Flicker    by Cliff Miles
Double-crested Cormorant   by John Crawley
Kalij Pheasant   by Kendall Watkins
Red-billed Pigeon   by Bryan Shirley
Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel   by Margaret Sloan
Brown Shrike   by John Crawley
Great Horned Owl    by Carol Gwynn
Red-naped Sapsucker   by Paul Higgins
Sage Thrasher   by Jack Binch
Cedar Waxwing   by John Crawley
Rough-legged Hawk   by Lee Romrell
Barn Owl   by Marlene Foard
Canyon Wren   by Jack Binch
Least Sandpiper   by Paul Higgins
Sabine's Gull   by Paul Higgins
Rufous Hummingbird   by Jack Binch
Clark's Grebe   by Dennis Hammer
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher   by John Crawley
Forster's Tern    by Paul Higgins
Ruddy Turnstone    by Jack Binch
Iiwi    by Eric Peterson
Acorn Woodpecker    by Ted Fitzgerald
Hooded Merganser    by John Crawley
Mountain Plover    by Paul Higgins
Brewer's Blackbird    by John Crawley
Bonaparte's Gull    by Jack Binch
Chestnut-sided Warbler    by Paul Higgins
Tufted Puffin    by James McIntyre
Caspian Tern    by Paul Higgins
Forester's Tern    by Kendall Brown
Golden-fronted Woodpecker    by Jeff Cooper
Western Grebe    by Kendall Brown
Sharp-tailed Grouse    by Paul Higgins
Brown Pelican    by Ted Fitzgerald
Hooded Merganser    by Jack Binch
Clapper Rail    by Kendall Brown
American Oystercatcher    by Mia McPherson
Hooded Warbler    by Eric Peterson
Rufous Hummingbird    by Jeff Cooper
Mountain Bluebird    by Paul Higgins
Baltimore Oriole    by Eric Peterson
Forster's Tern    by Carol Gwynn
Barn Swallow    by Kendall Brown
Savannah Sparrow    by Paul Higgins
Wild Turkey    by Ted Fitzgerald
Brown Creeper    by Kendall Brown
American Tree Sparrow    by Paul Higgins
Purple Sandpiper    by Jack Binch
Western Screech-Owl    by Marlene Foard
Red-naped Sapsucker    by Steve Christensen
White-tailed Ptarmigan    by Jack Binch
Common Merganser    by Scott Baxter
Golden Eagle    by Kent Keller
Yellow-rumped Warbler    by Ryan Houston
Common Loon    by Jack Binch
Ruby-crowned Kinglet    by Paul Higgins
Tricolored Heron    by Mia McPherson
Wild Turkey    by Lu Giddings
American Pipit    by Jack Binch
Black-legged Kittiwake    by Paul Higgins
Sage Sparrow    by Paul Higgins
Stilt Sandpiper    by Paul Higgins
Northern Flicker    by Kendall Brown
Townsend's Solitaire    by Paul Higgins
Cliff Swallow    by Kent Keller
Mountain Bluebird    by Jack Binch
Common Moorhen    by James McIntyre
Costa's Hummingbird    by Paul Higgins
Osprey    by Ryan Houston
Ring-billed Gull    by Jack Binch
Ring-billed Gull    by Kent Keller
Ruff    by Paul Higgins
Phainopepla    by Paul Higgins
Long-tailed Duck    by Jack Binch
Parasitic Jaeger    by James McIntyre
Rufous Hummingbird    by Marlene Foard
Neotropic Cormorant    by Rick Fridell
Say's Phoebe    by Kendall Brown
American Avocet    by Jack Binch
American Avocet    by Jim Huddle
Lawrence's Goldfinch    by Rick Fridell
American Kestrel    by Kent Keller
House Finch    by Kendall Brown
Rough-legged Hawk    by Paul Higgins
Lapland Longspur    by Rick Fridell
Winter Wren    by Paul Higgins
Western Grebe    by Kent Keller
Western Kingbird    by Shelly Spencer
Western Grebe    by Paul Higgins
Bobolink    by Kent Keller
Yellow-headed Blackbird    by Jack Binch
Sandhill Crane    by Lu Giddings
Golden Eagle    by Kent Keller
Sharp-tailed Grouse    by Paul Higgins
Snow Goose    by Paul Higgins
Rough-legged Hawk    by Wade Reed
Barn Owl    by Paul Higgins
Common Nighthawk    by Kent Keller
Northern Pygmy-Owl    by Paul Higgins
Barn Swallow    by Loraleigh Anderson
Short-eared Owl    by Paul Higgins
Blue Grouse    by Paul Higgins
Pine Siskin    by Michelle Soper
Bald Eagles    by Mike Ware
Burrowing Owl    by Paul Higgins
Sanderling    by Terry Sadler
Northern Pygmy-Owl    by Andrea Faust
Gray Flycatcher    by Jack Binch
Sandhill Crane    by Marlene Foard
Greater Sage-Grouse    by Terry Sadler
Bald Eagle    by Ted Steinke
American Dipper    by Nicky Davis
Caspian Tern    by Mike Ware
Eastern Phoebe    by Jim Bailey
Northern Saw-whet Owl    by Eric Huish
White-winged Scoter    by Brian Currie
Northern Shrike    by Jack Binch
Solitary Sandpiper    by Jack Binch
Common Poorwill    by Brian Currie
White-tailed Ptarmigan    by Jim Bailey
Purple Gallinule    by Colby Neuman
Great Blue Herron    by Ted Steinke
Black-chinned Sparrow    by Nicky Davis
Cinnamon Teal    by Ted Steinke
Bald Eagle    by Ted Steinke
Virginia Rail    by Jack Binch
Long-tailed Duck    by Brian Currie
Wild Turkey    by Jack Binch
Prairie Falcon    by Kent Keller
Sharp-tailed Grouse    by Brian Currie
Golden Eagle    by Kent Keller
Rufous Hummingbird    by James Lofthouse
Peregrine Falcon    by Kent Keller
White-faced Ibis    by Jack Binch
Great Horned Owl    by Kent Keller
Long-eared Owl    by Jack Binch
Broad-tailed Hummingbird    by Milt Moody
Killdeer    by Jack Binch
Black-necked Stilt    by Kent Keller
Canada Goose    by Jack Binch
Snowy Egret    by Jack Binch
American White Pelican    by  Jack Binch
Barrow's Goldeneye    by Jack Binch
Ferruginous Hawk    by Jerry Liguori
Red Knot    by Jerry Liguori
Common Nighthawk    by Jerry Liguori
Lewis's Woodpecker    by Jack Binch
Steller's Jay    by Jack Binch
Willet    by Jack Binch
Worm-eating Warbler    by Rick Fridell
Western Meadowlark    by Margaret T. Sanchez
White-tailed Ptarmigan    by Tim Gorman
Costa's Hummingbird    by Rick Fridell
Broad-billed Hummingbird    by Rick Fridell
Great Crested Flycatcher    by Rick Fridell
Upland Sandpiper    by Rick Fridell

Grasshopper Sparrow   

by Tuula Rose

American Bittern    by Jack Binch
Northern Goshawk    by Kreig Rasmussen
Bullock's Oriole   by Margaret T. Sanchez
Western Screech-Owl   by Eric Huish
Prairie Falcon   by Jack Binch
Black-legged Kittiwake   by Steve Summers
Little  Gull   by Terry Sadler
American Golden Plover    by Terry Sadler
Gray Catbird   by Tuula Rose 
Ruby-crowned Kinglet   by Tuula Rose
Bobolink   by Margaret T. Sanchez 
Yellow-billed Cuckoo   by Pomera M. Fronce
Wandering Tattler   by Terry Sadler

Curlew Sandpiper  

by Terry Sadler
Hooded Warbler   by Tom Clark
Rough-legged Hawk   by Pomera M. Fronce
Northern Saw-Whet Owl   by Dwayne Huffaker
American Kestrel   by Tuula Rose
American Avocet   by Margaret T. Sanchez
Black-chinned Hummingbird   by Christian Peay
Blue Grouse   by Kathy Paulin

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