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July Newsletter                                                            Facebook page

July Meeting:   

UCB Meetings continue to be postponed for now as we monitor COVID-19 conditions and recommendations. We encourage everyone to go birding while taking appropriate precautions and following current social distancing guidance. We generally have field trips in place of meetings during the summer and hope to continue with those and with our tradition of having a potluck for our August meeting. We wish you healthy and happy birding!

In place of a meeting, you can introduce a new person (family member or friend) to birding. You can choose a good day and a fun route.

Upcoming Field Trips:

Enjoy birding on your own, maintaining the social distancing and guidelines issued by the governor of Utah.

Here are some Big Day Reports for May,

Also you can enjoy this link:
      The Audubon has put together a page called the Joy of Birds with lots of fun links to bird photos, articles, and science.

Field Trip Reports

Delta Snow Goose Festival.
21 Feb 2020, by Suzi Holt
Gull ID Clinic and Gullstravaganza.
1 Feb 2020, by Suzi Holt
Twenty on 20th - Lee Kay Ponds
20 Jan 2020, by Leena Rogers
First Twenty for 2020.
1 Jan 2020, by Suzi Holt
Annual Wild Turkey Trot
23 Nov 2019, by Suzi Holt
Northeast Reservoirs Field Trip
26 Oct 2019, by Suzi Holt
Big Sit - Provo Airport Dike
12 Oct 2019, by Suzi Holt
Nebo Bench Field Trip
14 Sep 2019, by Suzi Holt
River Lane / Sandy Beach Field Trip
12 Sep 2019, by Suzi Holt
Mirror Lake Highway Field Trip

20 Jul 2019, by Suzi Holt
Diamond Fork Canyon
20 Jul 2019, by Suzi Holt
Owling the Nebo Loop
11 Jul 2019, by Suzi Holt
 Nebo Loop
11 Jul 2019, by Suzi Holt
Warm Springs WMA
13 Jun 2019,
Washington County Field Trip
31 May - 1 Jun 2019
    (and many more)