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July Newsletter

July Meeting:    July 12th:   Black Swifts at Bridal Veil Falls

For our July meeting we are going to meet at Bridal Veil Falls and spend the evening looking for Black Swifts. Meet at the Bridal Veil Falls Overlook (the parking area just off the highway, not down along the river).7PM until dark.

Upcoming Field Trips:
Field Trip Reports

Washington County
  1-2 June 2018
Utah County Hotspots
   14 May 2018
SF River Trail / Payson Hollow
   5 May 2018
River Lane / Sandy Beach ...
 14 Apr 2018
Emma Park Road / ...
 24 Mar 2018
South Fork / Sundance
  10 March 2018,
Delta Snow Goose Festival
  24 February 2018
Alta Feeders
  10 February 2018, by Suzi Holt
Salem Pond and Surroundings
20 January 2018
New Year's Day Birding
1 January 2018
Provo Christmas Bird Count
  16 December 2017
Antelope Island
9 October 2017
Squaw Peak Hawkwatch
16 September 2017
Dimple Dell Park and nearby areas
   24 June 2017
UT Lake North Shore Trail
3 June 2017
East Bay
14 January 2017