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November Newsletter                                                         Facebook page

November Meeting:   

According to the updated guidance from the governor’s office, our county is currently in High Transmission Status which means gatherings are restricted to 10 people or less and a 6 ft. distance must be maintained. We want to make sure we’re keeping everyone safe and complying with state guidelines so we will not be meeting again until our county transmission status drops back down to moderate or low. We really miss seeing all of you and we are looking at options for virtual meeting/online presentation options we can do in the meantime. Stay safe and happy birding!



Upcoming Field Trips:

by Cliff Miles  ©Cliff Miles

November 21, 2020

Because of covid 19 restrictions, everyone can try to find 20 Wild Turkeys for this year challenge on their own.  You can choose any day during the month to complete Challenge #25 -- "see 20 turkeys on our annual Turkey Trot field trip."

Here's a list of the usual places  East Lawn Cemetery, South Fork, Hobble Creek, Elk Ridge and Payson Canyon.  

19 December 2020

The Provo Christmas Bird Count will be held on Sat. Dec 19th. Due to Covid, we will not be holding our regular December bird quiz/prep for the bird count. Also this year we will not be doing the post-bird count potluck and will ask everyone to email thier results. Participants are encouraged to use separate vehicles if birding by car unless it is with immediate family. We should also wear masks when around other people in the field. Contact Bryan Shirley at bt_shirley@hotmail.com or 801-722-9346 for more info.

Field Trip Reports

Delta Snow Goose Festival.
21 Feb 2020, by Suzi Holt
Gull ID Clinic and Gullstravaganza.
1 Feb 2020, by Suzi Holt
Twenty on 20th - Lee Kay Ponds
20 Jan 2020, by Leena Rogers
First Twenty for 2020.
1 Jan 2020, by Suzi Holt
Annual Wild Turkey Trot
23 Nov 2019, by Suzi Holt
Northeast Reservoirs Field Trip
26 Oct 2019, by Suzi Holt
Big Sit - Provo Airport Dike
12 Oct 2019, by Suzi Holt
Nebo Bench Field Trip
14 Sep 2019, by Suzi Holt
River Lane / Sandy Beach Field Trip
12 Sep 2019, by Suzi Holt
Mirror Lake Highway Field Trip

20 Jul 2019, by Suzi Holt
Diamond Fork Canyon
20 Jul 2019, by Suzi Holt
Owling the Nebo Loop
11 Jul 2019, by Suzi Holt
 Nebo Loop
11 Jul 2019, by Suzi Holt
Warm Springs WMA
13 Jun 2019,
Washington County Field Trip
31 May - 1 Jun 2019
    (and many more)