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     I would like good information about the birds of Utah.

Painted Bunting at Fish Springs  by Paul Higgins   ©Paul Higgins (July  2007)

The "Utah Birds" website has an extensive collections of bird records. 
Some of them include: • documented rare birds sighting • rare bird sightings under review
• undocumented sightings  • hotline reports  • hotline archives  • sightings by county

Finding information about the birds:

The website has a fairly complete set of officially accepted rare bird sightings.  Besides these "documented" records, rare bird sightings from the hotline or a Christmas Bird Count, which have not been submitted to the Records Committee, can be accessed by going through the link at the bottom of the official list for each species.   The records now under review by the Records Committee can be viewed from this website, including the photos, notes and drawings submitted with each record.  These "internet" records that have been reviewed are accessible by links on the bottom of the "under review" page.
     From the main hotline sightings page you can read the latest "birdnet" e-mail hotline messages both statewide and local,  you can read monthly hotline reports which review the important sighting of each month and you can read the latest sightings in each of Utah's 29 counties.

Useful tools:

By using the website "Search" function.  You can bring up a list of the pages on the website that contain your search words.  This list will not include the hotline archives, which can be searched "by hand" if you know the date of a specific sighting.  The latest official checklist for the state can be printed from the Print Center.  And the "Review Species" list which contains the species that should be reported to the Records Committee and a list of the  most recent changes to the review species list are available through the Records Committee page.

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