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     I would like to get involved with birding groups.

"Birding Bald Mountain"   by Bart Carter  ęBart Carter

There are quite a few birding groups throughout the state.  Some have
some involvement in conservations project, some are strictly for bird watching
while some of the "hotline groups" (e-mail list serves) are kind out
informal birding groups in and of themselves.

Hooking up with the right birding group:

"Location" and "type," are two main things to consider when looking for a birding group.  The
organizations list has several Audubon Society groups, some special interest groups and some groups that are strictly for birding. There are local and statewide types of groups, though most are open to anyone who's interested. The e-mail groups (list serve groups) were set up to assist the birding organizations of the state.  However, they function like informal birding groups, so you can sign up on one of the "birdnets" and participate in birding whether you choose to be active in a formal group or not.  Most birding groups are pretty open as far as participation is concerned, so if you want to attend some of the birding activities around the state, you can find an organization that is right for you. 

I want to be involved in serious data collection for the birds of Utah:

When birding around the state, sometimes you may find a "rare bird."  The Utah Bird Records Committee is in charge of  keeping records of rare bird sightings and updating the official bird checklist for Utah.  On the records committee page you can fill out a sighting form and send it electronically to the committee.  The committee will evaluate the record to see whether it is an acceptable sighting for the official records of Utah.  The records now under review are posted on the "Utah Birds" website as well as an archives of past records submitted on-line.  A fairly complete listing of accepted rare bird sightings is also kept on the website.

Whether you would like to be involved with a live group of people or involved through the internet and e-mail, please let us know how the "Utah Birds" website can better be of assistance.

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