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Whether you want to find out where certain "target birds" might be found
or whether you would like to make contact with local birders or
join in on some local field trips, the Utah Birds web site is set up to help you.

To Find out where the birds are:

The "Utah Birds" web site maintains a "Hotline Sightings" page where you can check the latest reports from the "Birdnet" e-mail list serve.  This is the best place to find out about recent sighting of rare (for Utah) birds. If you need directions to the places mentioned in the hotline messages, you can use the alphabetical birding place listing.   If you are going to a specific location and want to know the best places to bird in the area, you can look up the best birding places by county on a handy clickable map.

To make contact with Utah birders:

If  you would like to contact someone in a specific location, you can go through one of the state birding organizations which usually has contact information on their websites.  If you sign up on one of several birding hotlines before you arrive you can check out what's being seen or make contact by e-mail with the list serve group in general or with a specific person who is reporting something of interest on the hotline.  There's a state calendar as well as a list of  birding activities around the state which will list the field trip, meetings and get-togethers for the different birding groups in the state.

To get printouts of checklist and other birding information:

The "Utah Birds Print Center"  is the place to go for checklists as well as printouts of the best birding places (and a county map) for each of the 29 counties of Utah .  The very latest state checklist in several formats, about 13 local checklists and the "county birding places" can be printed out if you have "Abode Reader"  on your computer (it's fairly standard -- you may have it and not know it).  For a complete listing of Utah checklists you can go to the  Utah Checklists page.

If you're visiting Utah and would like to see some birds, we hope the Utah Birds website
or some of the friendly birders of Utah can help you out.  Welcome to the Utah!  If there are any suggestions you have on how this website can be more helpful, please
contact us.


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