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Sanpete County

Skyline Drive, Wasatch Plateau         by Merrill Webb  ©Merrill Webb

Chester Ponds   ~ submitted by Oliver Hansen

Description: Chester is found east of Wales, south of Moroni, and west of Spring City. There are many ponds in the area to the north of town. The majority of these ponds can be viewed from a small gravel road running from HWY 89 to 132.


Fairview Canyon

Directions:  From Hwy 89 in Fairview turn east at the sign for Fairview Canyon, Scofield and Huntington Canyon -- it's well marked.


Fayette River Bottoms

Directions: Turn west off of  UT 28, just south of Fayette at mile marker 4 near the "Warm Springs Ranch House" and go about 0.2 miles toward Fayette.  Turn left on Fayette River Lane (3750 South) and continue west cutting through a wetland and across a  bridge about a half mile away


Gunnison Reservoir

Directions: As you enter the town of Sterling, there's a road going to the west which goes to the reservoir. (Going east is the road to Palisade Park).   About 1/3 of a mile down the road if you bare left and then go straight you'll come to the dam.


Manti Canyon

Directions: From Main Street in Manti (US 89) take 500 South going east.  At the mouth of the canyon, just outside of town, the road becomes Manti Canyon Road and continues about 20 miles through the canyon connecting with Skyline Drive, which runs north and south through the tops of the mountains of the Wasatch Plateau.


Maple Canyon   ~ submitted by Bruce Robinson

Directions:  At the eastern end of Fountain Green, bear right towards Wales. After 1/2 mile the main road bears left, stay on this road. At 6.1 miles from the start you will come to the road marked "Freedom Cemetery", turn right onto this road and go 0.6 of a mile. Turn right and follow the road. The pavement ends about 1.6 miles from the last turn. Continue on the dirt road for 1.5 miles to the Maple Canyon Campground.


Mayfield - Ferron Road  (see Ferron Canyon)

Ninemile Reservoir

Directions:  Go south from Sterling on US 89 about 2 miles.  The reservoir is on the west side of the road at the Mayfield turnoff.


Palisade State Park

Directions: From just inside the north city limits of Sterling take the well-signed road going east to Palisade State Park about 2 miles away.   


Sevier Bridge Reservoir  (See Yuba State Park - Painted Rocks)

Sixmile Canyon

Directions:  From just inside the north city limits of Sterling take the road going east to Palisade State Park.  After about 1 1/2 miles turn off to the right where there is a sign.  In about 2.8 miles birding along this dirt and gravel road you will reach a good parking area as the canyon broadens out.


Skyline Drive - North  ~ submitted by Eric Huish

Directions: The Skyline Drive is one of the highest roads in the United States. The full drive is 87 miles long and traverses the summit of the Wasatch Plateau with mountain meadows, Fir and Aspen Forests and fantastic views in all directions. The north section (27 miles) between Tucker (U.S. 6) and Fairview Canyon (Hwy 31) is not as high as the drive South of Fairview Canyon, but is a much nicer, graded road suitable for travel in any kind of vehicle. 


Skyline Drive  - South  ~ submitted by Eric Huish

Directions: One way to access the Skyline Drive South section is to drive up Fairview Canyon (Hwy 31). Near the top of the canyon I think there is a sign (across from the turn off to Lower Gooseberry Reservoir and the Ranger Station) that says 'South Skyline Drive', turn right (Hwy 31). Then there should be another sign a few miles down the road, turn right again.


Wales Reservoir

Directions:  (From Wales) Go East on 300 North in Wales.  Turn left when you have to, then after a short distance turn right onto 15500 North or Wales Reservoir Road.  Go east to 1000 East and turn left (north) and continue a short distance to the reservoir.


Yuba State Park - Painted Rocks

Directions: From UT 28 about 15 miles south of Levan or about 15 miles north or Gunnison, turn west on the short road to the state park.



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