Yuba State Park

Yuba Lake with "Painted Rocks" in the distance   by Eric Huish    İEric Huish  (16 Apr 2005)

Directions:  (East side -- Painted Rocks) From UT 28 about 15 miles south of Levan or about 15 miles north or Gunnison, turn west on the short road to the state park.  (Sampete Co.)
(West side -- Oasis Campground) Take exit 202 of I-15 about 25 miles south of Nephi, or 10 miles north of Sipio. Go south on the exit road about 4 miles to the park.  (Juag Co.)

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 Yuba State Park at Painted Rocks   by Milt Moody    İMilton G. Moody