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Skyline Drive     by Eric Huish  ŠEric Huish

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Description:  The Skyline Drive is one of the highest roads in the United States. The full drive is 87 miles long and traverses the summit of the Wasatch Plateau with mountain meadows, Fir and Aspen Forests and fantastic views in all directions. The north section (27 miles) between Tucker (U.S. 6) and Fairview Canyon (Hwy 31) is not as high as the drive South of Fairview Canyon, but is a much nicer, graded road suitable for travel in any kind of vehicle. 

Directions: The Skyline Drive North section can be accessed through the Tucker Rest Stop up Spanish Fork Canyon (U.S. 6).  Drive through the parking area.  Behind the rest stop you will find a dirt road heading south.  There are sometimes a few ruts and holes at the very beginning of the road but this is generally the worst part, the drive is much better the rest of the way to Fairview Canyon.  To Access the Skyline Drive North section from the South, Drive up Fairview Canyon (Hwy 31).  Near the top of the canyon turn North toward Lower Gooseberry Reservoir and the Ranger Station (there should be a sign).  Then turn at the first left (before you reach the reservoir or Ranger station).

Specialty Birds:  Purple Martin (12.4 miles South of the Tucker Rest Stop), Mountain Bluebird, Brewer's Sparrow, Flammulated Owl, Common Poorwill.

Other:  Take your time and stop often.  This road is only accessible in the Summer (June - Oct) during good weather, unless you have a Snowmobile or Skis. 

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North Skyline Drive     by Eric Huish  ŠEric Huish