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State Checklists:    
   Utah Checklist   | web | Rich Text download | spreadsheet download |
          (4 pages - abundance, status codes updated in 2020) 
    Utah Taxonomic List   (Jan. 2023)
 (6 pages - orders, families, subfamilies, scientific and common names)
   Utah Checklist - 12-month   (2019)  
(5 pages - abundance, status with blanks for 12 months)
   Utah Checklist - Compact Format     (Jan 2021)
(2 standard sized pages -just bird names)
   Utah Checklist - Phenotypic     (Jan 2021)
(2 standard sized pages - birds ordered by similar appearance)
   Utah Review Species List   (March 2021)    (1 page - 3 columns) | web |
   Listado de Aves de Utah  (Spanish 2005)
(10 pages - Spanish, English and scientific names; abundance, status )
    Utahin Lintujen Lajiluettelo (Finnish 2005)
(10 pages - Finnish, English and scientific names; abundance, status )
Local Checklists:
     (Website County Checklists for all counties)
(2 pages - just names of the birds)
    Antelope Island  (2004)
(2 pages - status)
    Bear River MBR Checklist  (1995)
(2 pages - abundance, status)
    Bryce Canyon NP Checklist  (2000)
(2 pages - abundance, status)
    Cache County Checklist (1994)
(3 pages - habitats, seasonal abundance)
    Cache County Bird List  (1994)
(6 pages - scientific names, habitats, seasonal abundance, nesting)
    Capitol Reef NP Checklist  
(2 pages -  seasonal abundance)
    City Creek Canyon Checklist 
(1 page -  abundance, status)
    Deseret Ranch (2003)
(2 pages -  seasonal abundance, breeding)
    Dixie National Forest (2004)
(2 pages -  seasonal abundance)
    Farmington Bay Checklist 
(2 pages - abundance, status)
    Fish Springs NWR Checklist (Jul 2000) 
(2 pages - seasonal abundance)
    Lytle Ranch Preserve Checklist  (PDF)
(2 pages - seasonal abundance) ( 2021)
(download Word version)
    Matheson Preserve (2004) 
(7 pages - seasonal abundance) 
compact version  (2 pages - seasonal abundance) 
    Memory Grove Checklist  
(1 page -  abundance, status)
    Millard County Checklist (2007) 
(2 pages - List of birds) 
    Morgan City Wastewater Lagoons (2007) 
(2 pages - List of birds, nesting and rarity) 
    Ouray NWR Checklist (2005)
(2 pages - seasonal abundance)
    Salt Lake City Cemetery Checklist  
(1 page -  abundance, status)
    San Juan County Checklist (2007) 
(3 pages - abundance, status) 
    Strawberry Valley Checklist (2004)
(2 pages- habitats, abundance, status)
    Utah County Checklist (2006) 
(3 pages - habitats, status)
Compact  (Mar 2004, two-page, compact format)
    Washington County Checklist ( 2007)  
(3 pages - abundance, status)  [2004 version]
    Zion NP and Vicinity  (3 pages- habitats, seasonal abundance, status)
    County Maps & Directions, Birding Location Maps:
Birding Locations by County 
    (All documents are in PDF Format, 1 to 4 pages long, with a map and directions to the popular birding places). 
Beaver Duchesne Kane San Juan Utah  (part2)
Box Elder  Emery Millard Sanpete Wasatch
Cache Garfield Morgan Sevier Washington
Carbon Grand Piute Summit Wayne
Daggett Iron Rich Tooele  Weber 
Davis  Juab Salt Lake Uintah


County Checklists
   Individual Counties  (Simple Checklists of each County)
   Composite for all Counties   (Spreadsheet of all 29 county checklists)
Birding Locations in Utah 
     Print Maps
    CBC Reports:
  Reports for all Utah Christmas Birds Count before 2000
       (Reports by decade with species lists and numbers )
  Map with links to the report
       (Reports by decade with species lists and numbers )
  Other Lists:
  Taxonomic List of Utah Birds
       (6 pages, orders, families, subfamilies,  scientific names, common names)
   Download WordPerfect file
  Codes for Common Names of  Utah Birds
       (4 pages, with 4 letter BBL codes for common names)
  List of Bird Families - Common Names     (Dec 2008)   (spreadsheet - 2009)
       (1 pages, with 212 families, according to Clements)
  List of Bird Families of the World   (2007 - with scientific and common names)
       (2 pages, with 203 families, according to Clements)
  Forms & Miscellaneous:
  Rare Bird Report Form  (If possible, use the on-line form)
(2  pages, Utah Ornithological Society Records Committee form
          for verification of rare-bird sightings in Utah)
Download an editable file   | Rich Text Format | (for Word, WordPerfect and others)
  Rare Bird Field Note Form - PDF  (Created by Kristin Purdy)
(5 pages, With blanks arranged in the same order as the "on-line form" to facilitate
          on-line submission)
Download the Word document  | 
 Lytle Ranch Preserve Reservation Form
(Use of camping facilities can be arranged by scheduling your visit through the Lytle Preserve Coordinator in Provo Utah).
Latilong Map of Utah  (Black and White PDF)    Color PDF
(1  page, showing Utah's 23 latilong blocks). 
Listing Form
(1  page, fill out and send in by regular mail).
Download - WordPerfect File  (Fill out and attach to an e-mail).
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