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About the County Checklist Project

The "Utah Birds" website is developing lists of birds seen in each county.  Each checklist will have all of the 448 species [2011] found in the Utah but will have an "x" in front of the the ones that have been reported in that particular county.  So in essence these are lists that show what birds have been reported in the county and which have NOT been reported.  Hopefully this will encourage reporting of species at are unusual in the different counties.

Rare birds (that are on the Records Committee "Review List") will be confirmed by sight records that have been submitted to the Records Committee.

These checklists are not meant to be carefully documented, highly studied-out checklists with seasonal, status and abundance information as is in traditional checklists.  Some of this more "substantial" type of checklists can be found on the checklist page and include checklists for national parks, wildlife preserves and other discrete areas as well as several counties. A combined spreadsheet containing all of these checklist side by side will also be kept to give an overall picture for each species.

This project began in January 2007 and will be on-going.  You can help with this project by reporting birds you find that are NOT on the list of a given county . (Report new birds at:

 "Utah Birds"
 County Checklists
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     Main Sources*

    Other checklists in the County*

Species    Updated

  Beaver    SHed, MWeb, J&KBey, RFri   252 (2018)
  Box Elder   J&KBey, MWeb, RCom   Bear River | Lucin | (Willard Bay) 331 (2018)
  Cache   RRye, J&KBey, RCom   Cache Valley 322 (2018)
  Carbon   EHui, MWeb, J&KBey, SCar   230 (2018)
  Daggett   BMax, MWeb, KPau   222 (2018)
  Davis   J&KBey, MWeb, RCom, KPur   Antelope Is. | Farm.ington Bay | Hill AFB 346 (2018)
  Duchesne   BMax, MWeb, RCom   271 (2018)
  Emery   MWeb, J&KBey   232 (2018)
  Garfield   J&KMun,J&KBey, MWeb, RCom   Bryce Canyon 279 (2018)
  Grand   MWeb, RCom   Matheson Preserve 287 (2018)
  Iron   SHed, MWeb, J&KBey, RCom   298 (2018)
  Juab   MWeb, RCom   Fish Springs 312 (2018)
  Kane   SHed, MWeb, J&KBey, RCom   287 (2018)
  Millard   DAll, MWeb, RFri, RCom   Millard County 292 (2018)
  Morgan   ASmi, J&KBey, SCar, MWeb, WSmi   285 (2018)
  Piute   RFri, MWeb, J&KBey   217 (2018)
  Rich   SCar, RCom, DAus   Deseret Ranch 285 (2018)
  Salt Lake   J&KBey, SCar, TAve, RCom   Jordan River 346 (2018)
  San Juan   LGid, RGuy, MWeb, J&KBey, RCom   San Juan County 364 (2018)
  Sanpete   MMon, MWeb, J&KBey, PGar   245 (2018)
  Sevier   MWeb, J&KBey   231 (2018)
  Summit   J&KBey, MWeb, SCar, DHans, RCom, WSmi   276 (2018)
  Tooele   MWeb, EHui, RCom   Dugway 271 (2018)
  Uintah   BMax, KPau, MWeb, DPen, J&KBey   Ouray NWR 302 (2018)
  Utah   MWeb, RCom, (checklist --> )   Utah County 342 (2018)
  Wasatch   MWeb, J&KBey, EHui   Strawberry Valley 266 (2018)
  Washington   RFri, (checklists --> )   Lytle Ranch | Washington Co. | Zion 397 (2018)
  Wayne   J&KBey, MWeb   Capitol Reef 270 (2018)
  Weber   J&KBey, MWeb, KPur, MHea, RCom   312 (2018)

          Combined Spreadsheet with for All 29 Counties:   | PDF Version | Download Excel file |

* The main sources of information for  these county checklists are:  "Life lists" of individual birders (listed in the second column), other checklists of places in the county  (listed in the third column), the Utah Bird Records Committee list of accepted rare bird sightings, and eBird data up to May of 2018.

Source abbreviations:  David Allan (DAll), Dennis D. Austin (DAus), Tim Avery (TAve), Joel & Kathy Beyer (J&KBey), Steve Carr (SCar), Rick Fridell (RFri), Paul Gardner (PGar), Lu Giddings (LGid), Richard Guymon's [masters study] (RGuy), Dave Hanscom (DHans), Mike Hearell (MHea), Steve Hedges (SHed), Eric Huish (EHui), Brian Maxfield (BMax), Mike Monson (MMon), Jens & Kathy Munthe (J&KMun), Kathy Paulin (KPau), Diane Pentilla (DPen), Kristin Purdy (KPur), Ron Ryel (RRye), V. Arnold Smith (ASmi), Weston Smith (WSmi)  Merrill Webb (MWeb) -- Utah Birds Records Committee (RCom)

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