Utah Winter Gulls

by Dennis Shirley
(From a Utah County Birder Meeting held on 11 Oct 2012)
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Gulls - General Information

56 species of gulls in the world.
28 have been recorded in North America.
17 have been recorded in Utah.
10 have been recorded in Utah County:
     California Gull
     Ring-billed Gull
     Franklin's Gull
     Bonaparte's Gull
     Herring Gull
     Glaucous Gull
     Thayer's Gull
     Glaucous-winged Gull
     Mew Gull
     Lesser Black-backed Gull

 Ring-billed Gull    by Jack Binch  ŠJack Binch


Utah Gulls 

  (click on name to see plumages) Status/Abundance Immaturity length  More Photos  
Bonaparte's Gull  FT  2 years   Gallery

Black-legged Kittiwake

 A  2 years   Gallery
Little Gull  A  3 years   Gallery
Sabine's Gull  RT  2-3 years   Gallery

Franklin's Gull 

 CS  3 years   Gallery
Ring-billed Gull  US,CW  3 years   Gallery
Heermann's Gull  A  3 years   Gallery
Mew Gull  OT,OW  3 years   Gallery
Yellow-footed Gull  A  3 years   Gallery
Thayer's Gull  RW  4 years   Gallery
California Gull  CS,UW  4 years   Gallery
Western Gull  A  4 years   Gallery
Herring Gull  UW  4 years   Gallery
Iceland Gull  A  4 years   Gallery
Lesser Black-backed Gull  A  4 years   Gallery
Glaucous Gull  RW  4 years   Gallery
Glaucous-winged Gull  RW  4 years   Gallery

Abundance Codes
C = COMMON - Found consistently in large numbers in appropriate habitat and season
F = FAIRLY COMMON-- Found consistently in moderate numbers in appropriate habitat and season
U = UNCOMMON - Inconsistently found in small numbers in appropriate habitat and season
R = RARE - Found infrequently but annually in very small numbers in appropriate habitat and season
O = OCCASIONAL - Not observed annually, but a few individuals may occur some years in appropriate habitat and season
A = ACCIDENTAL - Not expected and out of normal range (few records)
I = IRREGULAR - Abundance may vary greatly from year to year. (A range is given. Example: IW(R-C) = rare to common winter visitant)
Status Codes
P = Permanent Resident (Found year round in the state)
S = Summer Resident (Present in the state during the nesting season)
W = Winter Visitant (Present in the state during January and/or February)
T = Transient (Migrates through the state in spring and/or fall)



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