Utah Winter Gulls

by Dennis Shirley

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     California Gull
  (similar species)
Breeding Adult - red orbital ring and dark eye; white, black and red on tip of bill, yellow legs
Photo by Mike Ware    Copyright 2004 Mike Ware

Non-breeding Adult - has spots on the wingtips unlike the 3rd winter bird.
by Ryan Houston  İRyan Houston
Juvenile - dark bill with pink base (adult in background)
by Lu Giddings   İLu Giddings
1st Winter - notice long pink bill with black tip
by Paul Higgins  İPaul Higgins
Mew Gull, view 7
2nd Winter - gray mottling on back and wings
by  Ryan Houston   İRyan Houston

California Gull

Similar Species
   1st Winter Ring-billed - is slightly smaller, shorter-billed.  Adult Ring-billed paler gray on mantle, with white eyes, black bill ring.  First-winter Ring-billed whiter below than same age Cal.; shows pale gray on back and tail with thinner, dark subtermenal band. Third-winter California Gulls amy show distinct black ring on bill, but have darker mantles than Ring-bills and never have pale eyes.
   3rd winter to Ring-billed - has a lighter mantle and always a lighter eye
   1st winter Heermann's (no photo)  - looks like a juvenile California but has dark undertail coverts and black legs
   Herring Gull - is larger with stouter bill; adult paler on mantle, with pink legs, light eye
   Mew Gull - much smaller, with shorter, slimmer bill.
   1st Winter Heermann's Gull -  is similar to juvenile California Gull but has dark undertail coverts and black legs.


1st winter California - is darker below than Ring-billed (see below)
by Paul Higgins   İPaul Higgins

1st winter Ring-billed - is lighter below, has more gray on back,
has slightly smaller, shorter bill

   Photo by Ted Fitzgerald   İTed Fitzgerald

1st Winter Ring-billed - has thinner dark subtermenal band on the tail
than a 1st Winter California Gull

by Kent Keller   İKent R. Keller
Non-breeding Adult (which looks like a 3rd Winter except it has white spots on the wings) -
3rd Winter California may show a black ring on bill, but has a darker mantle and never a pale eye.
   Photo by Ted Fitzgerald   İTed Fitzgerald

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