Utah Winter Gulls

by Dennis Shirley

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Utah Immature Gulls

Bill Color

   Totally Black

       (some lighter color at base or along length)

     Franklin's      California
     Bonaparte's      Ring-billed
     Herring (juvenile)      Herring (1-3 year)
     Sabine's      Glaucous
     Thayer's      Mew
     Glaucous-winged      Heermann's
     Little      Western (1-3 year)
     Black-legged Kittiwake      Iceland
     Western (juvenile)  
     Lesser Black-backed  
Leg Color


     Bonaparte's (immature & adult)      Mew (immature)
     Mew (adult)      Franklin's (immature)
     Ringbilled (immature & adult)      Sabine's (adult)
     Lesser Black-backed (Immature & adult)      Kittiwake (immature & adult)
     Yellow-footed (immature & adult)      Heermann's (immature & adult)


   Pinkish    Reddish
     Mew (immature)      Ring-billed (immature)      Franklin's (adult)
     Ring-billed (imm. & adult)      Herring (imm. & adult)      Little (imm. & adult)
     California (imm. & adult)      Sabine's  
       Glaucous (imm. & adult)  
        Iceland (imm. & adult)  
       Thayer's (imm. & adult)  
       Western (imm. & adult)  
       Glaucous-winged (imm. & adult)  



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