Utah Winter Gulls

by Dennis Shirley

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     Heermann's Gull
  (similar species)

Breeding Adult - red bill, white head, gray body, black tail
Photo Margaret T. Sanchez   ©Margaret T. Sanchez

Non-breeding Adult - red bill with prominent black tip, streaked head
by Joel Beyer   ©Joel Beyer

1st Year (on right) - dark-tipped flesh-colored bill, dark chocolate brown plumage
by Eric Jeffords   ©Eric Jeffords

2nd Spring - white tips on seconaries and tertials more red on bill than 1st year
by  Rick Fridell   ©Rick Fridell

2nd Winter (on left)  - like non-breeding adult but bill is more orange,
plumage browner in tone; some show white in primary-coverts
by Eric Jeffords   ©Eric Jeffords

Heermann's Gull

Similar Species
   California Gull-  The dark first-year immatures of Callifornia and other gulls are more mottled on the mantle and underparts.


1st winter California - and other immature gulls
have a much more mottled mantle and underparts
by Paul Higgins   ©Paul Higgins

Juvenile California - the scaly pattern on the mantle is much more
sharp, fine and prominent than juvenile Heermann's.  Heermann's has pale base of bill.

by Lu Giddings   ©Lu Giddings

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