Utah County Birders
Contact List

UCB Board Members:


President Yvonne Carter    
President-elect KC Childs    
Secretary / Treasurer Alona Huffacker    
Field Trips Suzi Holt    
Programs Keeli Marvel    
Newsletter Machelle Johnson    
Publicity Tammy Northrup    
Publicity Assistant Holly Minor    
Utahbirds.org Webmaster Milt Moody    
Christmas Bird Counts Bryan Shirley    
General Adviser Dennis Shirley    
UCB (assistant) Webmaster Eric Huish    
Newsletter Bird of the Month Jeremy & Kristin Telford     
Facebook Page... Tammy Northrup    




Membership in the Utah County Birders is FREE and open to any interested person
We suggest a $15 contribution for those who want to help support the Utahbirds.org website
Contact Alona Huffacker to join. 

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