Utah County Birders
Contact List



President Keeli Marvel 801-602-9566 keeli.marvel@gmail.com  
Secretary / Treasurer Carol Jean Nelson 801-362-8288 birdcarol13@gmail.com
Field Trips Suzi Holt 385-329-2002 suzerqholt@gmail.com
Programs Dennis Shirley 801-423-1108 Colimawarbler@yahoo.com
Newsletter Josh Kreitzer 385-231-5084 joshkreitzer@gmail.com
Utahbirds.org Webmaster Milt Moody 801-373-2795 webmaster@utahbirds.org
UCB (assistant) Webmaster Eric Huish 801-360-8777 erichuish@gmail.com
Newsletter Bird of the Month Machelle Johnson    machelle13johnson@yahoo.com
Facebook Page Leena Rogers    mlrogers1118@hotmail.com





Membership in the Utah County Birders is FREE and open to any interested person
We suggest a $15 contribution for those who want to help support the Utahbirds.org website
Contact Carol Jean Nelson to join. 
Phone: 801-362-8288 
Address:  2831 Marrcrest West Provo, UT 84604

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