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Meetings / Field Trips:


Thursday, March 8, 2018, 7pm at the Monte L. Bean Museum in Provo, UT.

Sam Braegger, Outreach Coordinator, Utah Lake Commission will be our guest speaker this month. What is the Utah Lake Commission? What are they doing with the State Park? How is the Utah Delta Restoration Project coming along? How can the UCB connect with Utah Lake and the Utah Lake Festival? Sam will answer all these questions and more! Come join us for an interesting and informative meeting.


Saturday March 10, 2018: Provo Canyon/South Fork/Sundance Field Trip. Letís go see the American Dipper and find a Northern Pygmy Owl! Meet at the 800 N. Orem Harmonís Parking lot by the gas pumps at 9am. Led by Suzi Holt

Saturday March 24, 2018: Emma Park Road/Scofield Greater Sage-grouse Field Trip. Meet at 6am in the SE corner of the Chevron parking lot at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. Take the Hwy 6 Price exit on I-15, and drive to the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. Come experience a Greater Sage-grouse lek.

We are actively recruiting people to lead local half-day field trips, any time, any place.  If you would like to lead a field trip or if you have any ideas for this yearís field trips, please contact Suzi Holt at - suzerqholt@gmail.com    

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