Popular Birding Places
   Emery County

North San Rafael Swell     by Mia McPherson   İMia McPherson

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Buckhorn Wash  (See San Rafael Swell Rec. Site)

Desert Lake Waterfowl Management Area

Directions: Drive to the small town of Elmo, then turn south on the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur road, following it until it passes through the Desert Lake Wildlife Management Area. ~ Robin Tuck


Ferron Canyon Road

Directions:  From UT 10 in Ferron, take the Ferron Canyon Road (FR 022) which leads 28 miles to Ferron Reservoir.


Green River Area

Directions:  Green River is located just east of the intersection of  I-70 and Hwy 6, 191.

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Huntington Canyon

st from Huntington on SR 31.  The road reaches Huntington Reservoir after about 19 miles and connects to the Fairview Canyon road a few miles after that.


Huntington State Park

Directions:  A little ways north of Huntington on Highway 10 turn west on Mohrland Road and proceed a short distance to the reservoir and state park.


Joe's Valley Road

Directions:   Take SR 29 going west out of Orangeville.  The reservoir and valley are  about 12 miles away.


Millsite State Park

Directions: Go 4 miles west of Ferron on Ferron Canyon Road


San Rafael River Recreation Site

Directions:  From Castle Dale go east on the Green River Cutoff Road towards Buckhorn Wash. Go about 23 miles to the recreation site on the San Rafael River at the mouth of Buckhorn Wash.


Pictographs of Figures with Holes in Their Chests -- North San Rafael Swell
 by Mia McPherson   İMia McPherson

An Intricately Detailed Pictograph  -- North San Rafael Swell
     by Mia McPherson   İMia McPherson

On the Road to Mexican Mountain    
by Mia McPherson   İMia McPherson

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