Unusual Sight Record for Utah
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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2023-13
Eastern Phoebe

Date first observed:  13 Apr 2023
Oquirrh Lake, Salt Lake


  • 13 Apr 2023 - Aaron Taylor
  • 14 Apr 2023 - Bryant Olsen  [Record #2023-13]   (Photos,  David Wheeler, Ali Smiles, Mary McGreal, Joanna Kane, Corey Jensen, Steve Clark, Peter Durham, Charles Hurd, Tamara Aho
  • 15 Apr 2023 - Kyle Fisher, Alison Thomas, Terry Reid, Don Allred, Dennis Winge, Tim Webster, Micah Schow, Raquel Johnson, Vivian Schneggenburger, Connie Misket, David Olsen, Ian Batterman, Corey Riding, Kimberley Kearney, Joel McIntyre, Peter Durham, Devin Houmand, Tamara Aho
  • 16 Apr 2023 - Darren Hall, Jennifer Cornelius, Michael Morrell, Esther Sumner, Jen Hitt, Roy Evans, London Graham, James Hoffman, Joel McIntyre

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1st round:  22 Apr 2023 9 acc
Completed: 15 May 2023 Accepted


Summary: Excellent documentation with good photos and many observers, made the case.
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