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Dennis Shirley         Utah   2nd (2019)
Steve Sommerfeld         Salt Lake   2nd (2019)
Stephanie Greenwood         Davis   1st (2019)
Kenny Frisch         Salt Lake   2nd (2020)
Larry Tripp         Garfield   2nd (2020)
Mike Hearell         Weber   1st (2020)
Mark Stackhouse         Salt Lake   2nd (2021)
David Wheeler         Salt Lake   1st (2021)
Bryan Shirley         Utah   1st (2021)
Secretary, Milt Moody        Utah   1st (2021)
Webmaster, Milt Moody            (S/A.)*   (S/A.)*
Archivist, Eric Huish            (S/A.)*   (S/A.)*
eBird Liaison, Colby Neuman            (S/A.)*   (S/A.)*

     * Special appointee, length of term is undetermined.


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