Utah Birds

   Bird Sightings
       Hotline Sightings
  • Sightings from state and local e-mail hotlines including searchable archives
  • Monthly state reports
  • Sightings by county
  • Great Basin reports
  • National links
       Christmas Bird Counts in Utah
  • Reports from the 33 CBC's that have been held in Utah or near the border.
   Records Committee
       Records Presently Under Review
  • Records before the records committee
       Evaluated Records
  • Records that have been reviewed by the committee that are posted on the internet and available to peruse
  • Sighting records listed by the year they were received
  • Lists which include all records reviewed by the Records Committee
       Early Records with Photos
  • All records before 2000 submitted with photographs 
       Special Sightings
  • Records of non-review species that are out of range or season 
       First State Records
  • Records of birds that had NOT previously been documented in the state
       Documented Rare Bird Sightings
  • List of "review bird" sightings accepted by the Records Committee
       Comprehensive Sightings List
  • List of documented sightings plus unconfirmed rare bird sightings that have been reported through bird hotlines or other sources

   State Listing Records

       State Listing Records
  • Life lists of Utah birders for the state, the yard, worldwide and for other regions
       "Big" Records
  • Listing Records for birds seen in a given period of time, in a given place ("big day for Utah" = number of bird species seen in Utah in a 24 hour period)
       County Records
  • Listing Records by county
       Latilong Records
  • Listing Records by latilong (the state is divided along lines of latitude and longitude into 23 latilongs),

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