Utah Latilongs
by Robin Tuck

Latilongs are mapping units formed by successive lines of latitude and longitude, each at one degree intervals. These lines form a rectangular grid pattern across the state. Each latilong is assigned a number: 1 through 23.
Latilongs 1, 4, 9, 14 and 19 are extended on their western edge to the Nevada State line while latilongs 8, 13, 18 and 23 are shortened on their eastern edge along the Colorado border, the width of the strip of land gained or lost being just over 2 miles wide. The average dimension of each latilong is 55 miles wide and 70 miles long, representing an average area of 3,850 square miles. Latilongs along the Idaho border are 5.2 percent smaller than those along the Arizona border.

New maps often have special markings to assist in determining where the longitude or lattitude lines are. However it is often difficult to place oneself accurately on the map, especially when driving back roads. You may wish to purchase one of the newer GPS units which are quite accurate (within 30 feet) and are becoming fairly inexpensive, around $100.


Utah latilongs are named for some city or significant geologic feature in its boundary.
These names are:


1 Lucin
2 Tremonton
3 Logan
4 Wendover
5 Tooele
6 Salt Lake City - Provo
7 Duchesne
8 Vernal


9 Fish Springs
10 Delta
11 Manti
12 Price
13 East Book Cliffs
14 Wah Wah Valley
15 Beaver
16 Loa


17 Hanksville
18 Moab
19 St. George
20 Bryce Canyon
21 Escalante
22 Bullfrog
23 Blanding