The North Arm Nature Area of Pineview Reservoir

View of the Tree Area (with main paths) from the Parking Lot   by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012

(submitted by Kristin Purdy)

Description: The North Arm Natural Area is formerly a US Forest Service campground that flooded regularly in the spring. Once the area was allowed to return to nature, it became mid-elevation riparian habitat.

Directions: From I-15 exit 344, turn east on SR-39 and drive through Ogden Canyon. At the head of the canyon, turn left (north) onto SR-158 and over Pineview Dam. Drive 3.8 miles and turn right into the trailhead parking lot.

Good Birds: Sandhill Crane, Osprey, Wilson's Snipe, Caspian Tern, Calliope Hummingbird, Gray Catbird, Yellow-breasted Chat, Fox Sparrow

Rare Birds: Veery, Green Heron

Other: Stop at the pullout along SR-158 at about mile 3.1-3.2 to look over the whole area and view the Osprey nesting platforms in the spring and summer. You can also view the area from the east side at an angler's access and you might be able to see pelicans, gulls, terns, shorebirds and waterfowl along the shore. Within the area, the nature trail is generally a figure 8 in the river bottom, while the Pineview West trail traverses the slope on the west side through more diverse habitat and gives a better view.

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Nature Area from the Road Above   by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012

Marshy Fields   by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012

Looking Toward Pineview Reservoir   by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012